Love Hotel Tokyo

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One aspect of Japanese culture that most people might not know about is the Love Hotel Tokyo trend. Love hotels are establishments that specifically cater to couples who are looking for some private and intimate time. The trend developed primarily in the capital city of Tokyo. These hotels rent their rooms by the hour to frisky young lovers who are otherwise starved of privacy and space in the populous city. Here is the lowdown on these love friendly hotels.

Love hotels were pretty much born out of necessity due to Japan's conservative culture and the fact that most young unmarried people tend to either stay with their families or in closely cramped, shared apartments. This situation made it very difficult for couple to do the deed so to speak, thus; the love hotel was born to cater to this niche market.

The original incarnation of these hotels were in the form of tea rooms, which prostitutes and lovers alike used for secret liaisons. The idea was tweaked to meet the needs of modern couples but the long standing focus on privacy and confidentiality remained. These hotels have no formal check in procedure and keep interaction with staff to a minimal in the interest of protecting the privacy of patrons. Most transactions are done electronically or some hotels have staff working behind screens or frosted glass.

The outline of the procedure is as follows, you begin by choosing a room from an electronic catalogue. The available rooms will be lighted up on the display, similar to a vending machine. After making a selection, you proceed to make payment and can then you make your way to your room privately. Rooms are typically rented out on a short stay or hourly basis. Some also offer the option of an overnight stay. Rates vary depending on the location of the hotel and the services offered.

Most hotels are located in areas that are well serviced by public transport. This makes them extremely accessible to working professionals and young adults, their target market. In terms of design, hotels are often designed with many different entrances to allow for discretion.

The cheaper more basic spots in the love hotel Tokyo circuit, offer the bare minimum; a bed. The more upscale and high end joints offer a whole host of services and fancy additions. These can range from mirrored walls to vibrating beds, themed decor and the option of sex toys to spice things up.

The traditional love hotels tend to veer on the fantastic, with garish architecture and tackily decorated rooms. Among the popular ones, there were hotels built like castles, those with crazy neon lighting and such. More modern establishments have gone for a more muted take on the concept, disguising themselves by blending into regular run of the mill buildings.

Despite the nature of their business, these establishments tend to maintain very traditional notions of sexuality. As such, it is difficult for gay couples to book into a room.

So you are visiting Japan's capital city, here is an idea for a cultural experience with a twist; check in to a love hotel. The love hotel Tokyo trend will give you an idea about what it is like to be young and in love in Japan.


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