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  1. I agree 100% I find it a continually snineickg statistic that something like every 8 seconds, a child dies due to lack of access to clean drinking water. It’s unacceptable. Rather sad that 6 years after the Make Poverty History campaign to write off debts of developing nations and for the governments of this world to unilaterally declare that children dying of lack of access to clean water and of malaria etc, that we’re still having this debate.It is admirable that Armani are drawing attention to this issue however one can’t help but feel the fragrance that cares sounds rather hollow in this day and age. There are far wider, broad ranging issues and I’m afraid purchasing fragrance isn’t going to directly solve anything in the long term, sadly.

  2. Just been to Morocco Mall. It is the best shopping centre in the world. It is in Casablanca, just opened in December 2011. It is more then shopping: it is an experiential place with a great architecture too. Apparently designed by an Italian. A really cool place.

  3. Yes. You are right. I am living close to department store. When I want to make shopping and treat myself a little bit, it is my favorite place to enjoy.

  4. i think theres an error, its missing “tepito”, delegacion cuahutemoc, mexico city, mexico, you can buy bullets to go and for free!!

  5. i do not think Harrods is better than La Fayette. La Fayette Paris is far beautiful and bigger than Harrods London ….This is wrong ranking….

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