Dubai's mega airports: Al Maktoum and Dubai International

By dorotix, June 19th 2009 in Air Travel Comments (4)

It seems that the crisis has not yet reached the United Arab Emirates and apparently it does not intend to do so in the nearest future. While the recession is hitting the global air industry hard, Dubai works on a construction of the world’s largest airport. By the way it will also modernize and enlarge its Dubai International hub.

Al Maktoum International Airport

Passenger capacity 140 million, annual cargo capacity 14 million tones

The first flights operating from the new airport are expected to take off in June 2010. The construction of Al Maktoum that cost $32bn and will have five parallel runways, is a part of Dubai World Central development project which is the 140 square kilometre aviation city.  

By the way of comparison the Dubai International Airport  served 37 million people in 2008.  At present the largest world’s airport is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport which served almost 90 million passengers last year.

Dubai International Airport

Passenger capacity 60 million a year, after the enlargement 80 milllion a year

After the completion of the intercontinental Al Maktoum the Dubai International is to serve as the regional airport. Despite that, the Dubai’s authorities have decided to invest $4.2bn in the enlargement of the old airport that will be completed in 2013.

It is beyond my imagination how the Al Maktoum will look like if this is the design of  "the old airport" in Dubai:

Covered with carpets check-in area at Dubai International.

The new Terminal 3 opened in 2008.



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    Wow. Everything in Dubai seems to be bigger and flashier than anything else around the world... it's like the entire city is on steroids. It's fascinating, really.

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    Dubai grown beautifully in the recent times, you can see style with beauty everywhere.

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