Internet Access: World's Best-Wired Cities

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The world is wired. Whether you can imagine life without the Net or not, the truth is that today's modern societies would plunge into chaos (at least for some time) without it. Still only several cities in the world can boast ubiquitous Internet access. See the world's most connected cities where the Internet is almost as available as the air.

6. Tallinn. Estonia

Tallinn. By Claudio.Ar

Tallinn, the capital of one of the Europe's tiniest countries - Estonia, has one of the best Internet services on the European continent and it is the best-connected country in the Eastern Europe. It's hard to believe that the medieval center of the town, with its cobblestone picturesque streets, dozens of churches, historic ruins, cafes and boutiques, is actually a cyber city. The wireless connection is available, virtually, in every corner of this ancient town and it is almost always free of charge.

Estonians are crazy about the Internet to such an extent that free Net access is a basic right guaranteed by the parliament. All schools, universities and public offices have free Internet connection, more than 90% of all bank transactions are e-transactions, the Estonians vote and pay taxes online, and Tallinn's citizens buy bus passes and pay parking tickets via text messages. The WiFi is also free on commuter trains. The country might well be renamed E-stonia.

WiFi in Tallinn. By cfarivar


5. Seattle. The USA.

Seattle by night. By chethan shankar

Stylish Seattle, beautifully located between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, is the country's top spot in terms of the Internet access. According to that surveyed 30 American cities, Seattle has been the most broadband-connected city in the USA in 2009: it has the highest percentage of Internet users with high-speed connections and the largest number of public wireless spots. In the Forbes' annual ranking Seattle has dethroned Atlanta, which held the title of the most-connected American city in 2007 and 2008.

The city, home to and Microsoft, has been working hard to become the most wired city in the USA. In 2005 the City of Seattle launched a seattlewifi pilot project providing free Internet in the Columbia City, the University District, the City Hall lobby area, and Seattle's four downtown parks. In 2006 14,400 different users accessed the seatlewifi, while in 2008 the number increased to over 20,000.

Seattle's WiFi on bus. By freedryk


4. Hong Kong. China.

Hong Kong. By kevinpoh

Hong Kong, the Chinese metropolis, leading financial center and one of the biggest concentrations of corporate headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region, features, not surprisingly, one of the world's highest broadband household penetration boasting a rate of 72%. In 2013, 80% of Hong Kong households are expected to be wired up for broadband Internet, as Gartner, an IT research company, reported.  

The Hong Kong's leading and most innovative provider of fast connections is Hong Kong Broadband Network. It offers the Internet access up to 1Gbps, broadband TV service, and broadband phone services. As a result, Hong Kong's Internet is fast, stable and really cheap. HKBN provides symmetric 100Mbps unlimited broadband access for US$34 per month.

Free WiFi in Hong Kong. By wZa HK


3. Singapore.

Singapore. By besar bears

Singapore, the small Asian city-state, is the fifth wealthiest country in the world, and one of the Four Asian Tigers (along Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan). It is also one of the world's most-connected cities with a super-developed telecommunications infrastructure. The broadband technology has been strongly promoted and supported by the government - access to broadband connection is one of the main themes of the Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015) program, a 10-year master plan.

Currently, the broadband household penetration rate totals to 63%, and it is expected to reach 78% in 2013, according to Gartner. In turn, Point Topic broadband communications research company states that more than 90% of Singapore's households have some form of the broadband Internet connection and this will reach almost 100% in 2010. Moreover, the city is dotted with WiFi hotspots, and WiMax network can be found in the seaport.

The iN2015 plan aims to build a national network called Next Gen NBN that will deliver ultra high broadband of 1Gbps to all households and public institutions as well as a Wireless Broadband Network (WBN) around the city.

Free WiFi in Singapore. By xcode


2. Amsterdam. The Netherlands.

Amsterdam. By Pieter Musterd

Europe's most laid-back city, Amsterdam, is the most connected city in Western Europe and one of the most wired global metropolises. You can basically use the Internet while riding your bike and even if you venture into the most lonesome corners of the town.

In 2008 Worldmax launched Wimax, on-the-go broadband Internet, in the city. At first it was only for PC users, but in June 2009 the Aerea service has been added, which allows MAC users enjoy the wireless broadband Internet everywhere. The Wimax is available for city's residents for only €9.95 per month, and visitors can buy a day, a week or a month prepaid balance.

Moreover, the country boats Europe's highest penetration of household broadband connection of 80% and in 2013 the penetration rate is to increase to 88%.

Amsterdam. By Michell Zappa

Amsterdam. By Michell Zappa


1. Seoul. South Korea.

Seoul. By xoxoryan

The Internet is practically everywhere in Seoul, the futuristic capital of South Korea and a cradle for global largest telecommunication and technology companies such as LG, Samsung and KT Corporation. The city, inhabited by around 10 million people, is one of the world's largest metropolises and one of the most technologically advanced infrastructures. Seoul is ranked first on the Digital Opportunity Index, with the highest broadband Internet penetration. It has an 83% household penetration rate, and the rate is expected to grow up to 93% in 2013, according to Gartner's recent report.

Seoul is the only city in the world that can boast DMB, a digital mobile TV technology and WiBro, as well as a wireless high-speed mobile Internet service. The city's 100MBps connection is to be upgraded to 1Gbps in 2012, which is ten times faster than the current service, and wireless broadband will also be ten times faster, offering 10Mbps service by 2012. 

Seoul. By samiq


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