The DOT, public transportation emission-free concept

By chili, July 2nd 2009 in Travel Gadgets Comments (0)

Public transport may never look the same with the DOTs around. This futuristic design is an emission-free vehicle concept that could solve the problem of heavy traffic, crowded buses and sparse parking space in the city. 

It’s called the DOT, Direct On-demand Transport.  Two units can link together front to back to create a unified interior space that can be shared by all passengers. So one DOT can invite other DOTs to join it on the same route. 
The vehicle runs on Li-On batteries, recharged by solar panels on the roof of the vehicle. The batteries can also be charged at any number of special zones in the city through induction charging. The vehicle’s wheels are magnetically levitated by motors on either side of the unit.

As its designer Varun Niti Singh says, “the DOT offers versatile mobility to city dwellers catering to multiple needs. “


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