5 Friendliest Nations On Planet Earth

There is no scientific way to measure friendliness as it is a very personal impression. Still there are some nations that boast the title of the friendliest, most welcoming or most hospitable people in the world. Whether various surveys and rankings are right or not, each of us has probably visited one or two countries where the locals’ kindness has exceeded our expectations.

See below a few examples of the friendliest peoples in the world:


5. Georgians

Georgian women. By Henning(i)

How not to feel welcomed in the country where people believe that guests come from God? Georgia, a tiny Caucasus state, is famed for its staggering beauty, unspoiled destinations, laid-back atmosphere, and above all, its good humored and high spirited people. The Georgians are naturally kind and generous and their hospitality is never annoying. You can expect to be treated like a king while visiting a Georgian home, just don’t refuse a glass of wine to toast – that’s what your host could consider quite rude.


4. Iranians

Outdoor cafe in Teheran, Iran. By tomallen

Iran’s most precious jewel is its people. Lonely Planet calls them warm and fascinating people, and Will Hide, a London-basedtravel journalist writing for the Times, has concluded after returningfrom his trip to Iran that this country has the friendliest people inthe world. The hospitality of ever-smiling Iranians is sincere andsimple – they are always eager to help travelers, offer a cup of tea,pay for your lunch or invite home for dinner.


3. Canadians

Winter in Toronto, Canada. By somebody
Winter in Toronto, Canada. By somebody

According to the 2008 Nation Brand Index (created by Anholt and GfK Roper research agencies) that measures the world’s perception of 50 nations by interviewing 20,000 adults from 20 countries, the friendliest nation in the world is Canada. This scientific approach to friendliness may seem a bit formal, but indeed, the Canadians are really quite hospitable and kind people. Lonely Planet even wonders how everyone can be so nice, given the weather. Living in the world’s coldest country may be hard, but being ever-friendly despite the freezing cold is truly worthy of honors.


2. Australians

Latte. By su-lin

Friendly “G’day mate”, “no worries”, and a big smile offered by a total stranger in the street are guaranteed in Australia. Aussies are extremely laid-back and easygoing people, and their positive thinking mixed with the open minded attitude make travelers really feel at home in this remote country. The risk of feeling lonely while traveling alone throughout Australia is really low and you can meet many locals eager to share the pint or the latte with you. Therefore, it is hardly a surprise that Australia ranked second on the Nation Brand Index list.


1. The Irish

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. By twinxamot

In its Bluelist 2008 book, Lonely Planet nominated Ireland to the rank of the friendliest country in the world. Stirring up the discussion whether the Irish are less or more friendly than Iranians or Canadians is rather pointless, but the truth is that the Irish are sweet and kind people. They do complain about the weather, economic turndown and high prices, but in fact they are good-natured and likable people, ready to help the traveler anytime. Despite the weather, the agreeable nature of the inhabitants and Ireland’s mind-blowing landscapes make the country one of the world’s best travel destinations.


So what do you say? Do you agree, or would you put some other nations on your personal list of the friendliest nationalities?


  1. Lived in the US for 10 years, but I have had so much of US that I came to Australia and I am glad I came here. Americans are so full of themselves, ‘mericans’ think that the whole world owe them something .. Australians do not have fake smile, and are easy to work with.

  2. I’ve been in all of these countries: the georgians are kind and patient, the persians are religious and very generous, i got on the wrong foot with the australians and it was my worst destination ever, the canadians are the mixture of both kindness and sincerity, but the irish are the people you MUST meet and make friends with.
    Mexicans, Brazilians, Colombians, some Americans and other latinos are notorious for being extremely violent and unreliable.

  3. i am part Australian, and i have to say the majority of Australians (60 percent) are of the most arrogant and dumbest people i have ever met, also they are very dishonest and love to lie and exaggerate,they have a hard time handling the truth they rather live a lie, they are very weird, strange people i must say.

  4. im an american and im looking for a cheap country to move to because our govt is one of the worst in the world!!most the people here are very friendly,especially in the south!!but id advise visitors to avoid new jersey,new york,and other new england states as i met some of of the biggest jerks i ever met in my life!!i actually gave a waitress a tip on a napkin that said[smile and be friendly,you will make more money!!most people seemed hateful,maybe because its so crowded or something,but californians was always very friendly and they are overcrowded too!most the people in the southern states are very friendly and usually willing to give you a hand if you need it!generally,most people around the world are usually friendly,its the governments that usually make their country look bad!!like the us,the people are mostly good people but our foreign policy sucks and makes us look bad around the world!!bush,rumsfeld,cheney,and now obama should be tried for war crimes,and big corporations control what we hear,which is hardly EVER the truth! fox fake news is the worst,but the others arent much better!!free speech tv and link tv,and now al -kazeera[probably spelled it wrong],are about the only truth you will hear!the daily show and other comedy shows are more truthful than the so-called news!!if you visit,i suggest the southern states for more friendly people!!

  5. Ha! Oztralians… the most bigoted and rascist people I’ve ever met..It may be alright if you happen to have white skin, but if you’re Aboriginal, Asian, or any other ethnic minority, forget the freindliness…these guys are a dangerous bunch of beer soaked dimwits that’ll stab you in the back as soon as look at you..

  6. what about Thailand and Finland? i have communicated with people from these countries and more than 80% respond very kindly and not snobbish at all unlike the countries you have just listed down

  7. Dude, i dont think australia is a friendly nation! A random dude in a banana costume punched me then ran away like a coward.i ran after him and he started crying and hiting me in the face. Dude, seriously? Australia, a friendly nation? Nope :p

  8. I find that most people are friendly if you are friendly. I find that because of my large frame many asians think they are superior but they are still friendly.

  9. I am danish and I do not think Ireland belongs on this list. I have traveled a lot and meet plenty of lovely people but when i studied in Ireland for a year i had a horrible time. The lads were very friendly but irish girls are extremly bitchy, cliquey, jealous and sometimes quite hostile. They do not like foreign students taking their men and are clearly very petty creatures.

  10. From personal experience, Australians are a low grade subhuman race in the world. I was fooled by their friendly, accepting and amiable images that they defended themselves with against all the outside accusations . But after playing several online games with them, i quickly ripped off their mask when one of the australian asked me if i was retarded as being a chinese, this was not the first time i was offended by australians just in the game…so i wondered in the real world how many australians are racist….never mind just a thought of mine…I don’t feel pissed off anymore as i realize that they are just a bunch of arrogant pathetic criminal descendants Disclaimer :I’m not a racist, just think that i should state out the truth that australia should be the bottom five of the list as i read through all the comments and found out that most people don’t agree with the australia ranking~

  11. australians lol…
    Australians are the epitamy of under-developed monkey brain. they think playing indoor cricket and beating anyone of coloured skin is a national celebration. If you want to make some good friends in Aus just make some corney racist jokes and you will be welcomed by all. If you want to make some enemies in Aus just speak your mind on a certain topic which strays from the media hype and bullcrap and you will be confronted by a clenched fist (most them are weak and all talk) – this is the majority of the the brain mass which makes up australia.
    For instance if you were to say in a bar there is no such thing as a bad religion there are only bad people, you will be confronted by agression because of their primate mentality.
    If you were to say Islam, Catholic and Christian religions were all made in the same city 3000 years ago and are all derived from judaism you could be gang bashed because their primitave behaviour and mind set can spark mob menatily in bar situations.
    If you say anything that doesn’t correspond to crap they learned from their bogan forefathers you will be hated as they are absent minded numb idiots which can’t think for themselves. The amount of aussie idiots can’t even distinguish the word learn from teach.
    This is a common aussie statement ” At school I was teached the ABC’s, Im so lucky my teacher learned me to do so”
    — numb nut moronic race… its so sad that this is the complex sentence structure coming from high school graduates in australia.
    Monkey brained idiots.
    Don’t hate the australian just pity them as they are not worthy of an emotion called hate, because they can’t begin to fathom the concept of being judged as the perceive themselves as perfect.
    The majority of the world regards them, and their train of thought very poorly- yet they still think they are somehow superior because their parents told them they are special”” – poor misguided retards.
    Just pity the bogan drop kicks, no amount of education can fix the brain of the average aussie, because it has been thoroughly cleansed with ego and self preservation.
    If all humans amounted to aussie, the world would smell like rancid cow manure.

  12. I am Iranian ,Turkish ,and would like to say to Deniz that ,I just LOL to his/her words cause,I became a Turkish citizen ,worked for them and now I became a MS patient, do you know what your honest people told me ,they fired me saying that “YOUR ARE PATIENT “we do not have job for patients ,this is your peoples logic ,so come on ,do not introduce your nation to me ,when I have told my situation to those Iranian people they have told me “DO NOT WORRY WE AFFORD YOU AND YOUR FAMILY” this is Persians logic.
    P.S. I have payed my taxs to your government more that 15 years and I haven’t payed anything to Iranian government,I have been in your honestless country more than 30 yrs while in iran less than this.

  13. This list is a joke for having Australia on there. Having lived there for six years, I have to say a lot of a lot of Australians are the most rude, arrogant, ignorant, racist, sexist and nasty people in the world. One wouldn’t believe it unless you live here yourself. And if you are a non-white person, you will see through their fake smiles and see their ugly true colours.

    They claim they’re friendly though. Let’s see now much longer they can fool the rest of the world.

  14. americans will never be in the top 100 there rude know it alls and think that america is the only country on the this earth white americans are worse

  15. all i can say i have been all over the world and if i had my pick it would be
    number 1 fiji ..people are so nice and helpful
    number 2 australia .easy going
    number 3 canada relax and enjoy
    number 4 thailand .not pushy
    number 5 new zealand .love there sport as much as the aussies

  16. peoples get confuse between being nice and be friendly.this article was written by anglo-saxons for anglo-saxons,therefore it’s a joke.
    friendly peoples are the one you can be friends with.Friendly peoples can invite you to their place for a meal or a cup of coffee for examples.Well I am French married to aussie wife been living in Australia for 10 years and these kinds of things aren’t common place here.
    If you want to know who your true friends are,get in deep shit and ask for help.
    Usually urban westenersaren’t the friendliest peoples,they like to think they are.
    Friendly peoples are usually to be found in country sides,and they are usually the poorest.

  17. Most of what is said is true in deed. I am of mature age and worked for more than twenty years and I can say that many Australians, are racist, discriminative, bias and predudice. Many only feel comfortable around their own kind and if you make a fool of yourself so they can have a good laugh, then you are treated differently. If there is something about you they dont like, they are indeed very rude, offensive hurtful, cruel and can be abusive. In a work place they can and often do and get away with discriminating against good workers and because other cultures may not be familar with the law in Australia they get away with it and can use it against you. I have seen it all and I have seen careers get crushed because of Australians not giving a worker a chance. I also know so many stories of what Australians did to the Europeans when they first came into the country back in the 1950s, and onwards. Mind you, they eat your food, wear your clothes, buy your perfumes, ect, ect and still they have the nerve to call decent people with morals, beliefs, and discipline, disgusting and unthinkable names. Not all are the same of course, there are those that do appreciate and welcome different nationalities, but it does not overshadow the majority. I do believe Australia becoming multi cultural is their wake up call. They push people, offend them, embarass them and humilate them and laugh at them, and then if you have the guts to report it, they do what they know best, CRAWL. Australians are also inferior of other cultures. They like to think they are better than everyone else, but in actual fact many of them need to go back to school. Again its not all but many of them and my description here is of forty years experience living in the country and seeing it all first hand.

  18. I m malaysian. So far, i mTruely blessed with Iranians around me. They are generous, kind, polite and open minded. But I dont understand, why some of my countrymen dislikes them. Maybe most iranians too smart.

  19. The friendliness of the iranians is arguable. I’m from Italy and from my personal experience i totally agree with the 1st position. Irish people are the best ever, i felt like home more there than here in my birth country…close second come the Scots…While i found particullary rude and quite racist the norwegians

  20. cant believe scotland aint on most peoples lists. best mate growin up was an iranian lad he was absolutley bonkers which helps living in scotland

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