5 Friendliest Nations On Planet Earth

There is no scientific way to measure friendliness as it is a very personal impression. Still there are some nations that boast the title of the friendliest, most welcoming or most hospitable people in the world. Whether various surveys and rankings are right or not, each of us has probably visited one or two countries where the locals’ kindness has exceeded our expectations.

See below a few examples of the friendliest peoples in the world:


5. Georgians

Georgian women. By Henning(i)

How not to feel welcomed in the country where people believe that guests come from God? Georgia, a tiny Caucasus state, is famed for its staggering beauty, unspoiled destinations, laid-back atmosphere, and above all, its good humored and high spirited people. The Georgians are naturally kind and generous and their hospitality is never annoying. You can expect to be treated like a king while visiting a Georgian home, just don’t refuse a glass of wine to toast – that’s what your host could consider quite rude.


4. Iranians

Outdoor cafe in Teheran, Iran. By tomallen

Iran’s most precious jewel is its people. Lonely Planet calls them warm and fascinating people, and Will Hide, a London-basedtravel journalist writing for the Times, has concluded after returningfrom his trip to Iran that this country has the friendliest people inthe world. The hospitality of ever-smiling Iranians is sincere andsimple – they are always eager to help travelers, offer a cup of tea,pay for your lunch or invite home for dinner.


3. Canadians

Winter in Toronto, Canada. By somebody
Winter in Toronto, Canada. By somebody

According to the 2008 Nation Brand Index (created by Anholt and GfK Roper research agencies) that measures the world’s perception of 50 nations by interviewing 20,000 adults from 20 countries, the friendliest nation in the world is Canada. This scientific approach to friendliness may seem a bit formal, but indeed, the Canadians are really quite hospitable and kind people. Lonely Planet even wonders how everyone can be so nice, given the weather. Living in the world’s coldest country may be hard, but being ever-friendly despite the freezing cold is truly worthy of honors.


2. Australians

Latte. By su-lin

Friendly “G’day mate”, “no worries”, and a big smile offered by a total stranger in the street are guaranteed in Australia. Aussies are extremely laid-back and easygoing people, and their positive thinking mixed with the open minded attitude make travelers really feel at home in this remote country. The risk of feeling lonely while traveling alone throughout Australia is really low and you can meet many locals eager to share the pint or the latte with you. Therefore, it is hardly a surprise that Australia ranked second on the Nation Brand Index list.


1. The Irish

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. By twinxamot

In its Bluelist 2008 book, Lonely Planet nominated Ireland to the rank of the friendliest country in the world. Stirring up the discussion whether the Irish are less or more friendly than Iranians or Canadians is rather pointless, but the truth is that the Irish are sweet and kind people. They do complain about the weather, economic turndown and high prices, but in fact they are good-natured and likable people, ready to help the traveler anytime. Despite the weather, the agreeable nature of the inhabitants and Ireland’s mind-blowing landscapes make the country one of the world’s best travel destinations.


So what do you say? Do you agree, or would you put some other nations on your personal list of the friendliest nationalities?


  1. Australians will make you feel that they are out of your league, that they are too good for you to be talking with. Aussies are arrogant, smug, and snooty!!!.. Stay away from Australians, coz if you’re not aussie they won’t be friends or be talking with you anyway.

  2. I worked with Australians and I think they have put on fake smiles to us is because they are the ones here another country but I think if I was in AU I will not get even a fake smile, and you can actually feel their arrogance, and rudeness, i’m sorry but aussies aren’t friendly at all, in fact I don’t remember that I ever had an aussie friend upto now, I have more American friends you won’t feel like you’re any different with americans. But again with Aussies or I observed that they only hang out with each other, they definitely keep to their own ppl. I’ve had so many encounters with Australians at random times but I still got the same response and coldness and rudeness you won’t feel welcome with Aussies ever.

  3. Iranians? Oh c’mon! really?? If they are not muslim perhaps…not exactly a country known for it’s basic respect of human rights, let alone friendliness – especially towards say a western, caucasian type, particularly if thought to be Jewish or Christian. The original Persians were a nice breed of culture,until the Arabs invaded and forced their medieval culture onto the populus and it regressed into the dark ages. Australians are significantly insular and uncaring of foreigners and people who might need help, they are uninterested in new friendships outside of their own insular families/friendship circles. They actually do believe their own hype, and subsequently a lot of them have a repugnant air of arrogance about them. Not my cup of tea at all. I would say slot a European country in instead of Iran or Australia, Spain or Italy perhaps, why is America not there, Americans are very friendly I have found (no, I am not one).

  4. Australia has to be one of the worst places to visit. The most rude Ignorant Foul Mouthed full of hate. Hatred Towards everything.You can be disfigured,Gay,Short,Overweight, Black,Ugly according to their standards, maybe a learning disability. any of these they will make sure your stay is a short one. They frequently use the words Queer and Ugly a lot.Most rcist hateful people on the planet. If a person is ugly they will literally walk up to them and call them out as being one.The most hateful people I have ever come across.Theres a saying all the badness that came out of th eUk went to Australia. You do not want to travel to Australia.

  5. Australia is very narrow-minded, shallow and judgemental. Especially if you’re coloured or different in anyway. People have a general coldness here, more so than all the other nations I’ve visited. There are a few good people, Anglo-white or otherwise.But for the most part the natives are treated like shit, backward views and “patriotism” is substituted with ignorance and xenophobia.

    If you’re white, you will probably only see one side of the Australian personality (which from what I read seems to be the case for people spouting positive things of Australians.)…. I’ve heard some shocking generalisations about Americans, British people etc. here too, based on ignorance rather than fact. It is not deserving of being on this list. I would know because I was born and raised up here, but moving soon. While irrelevant, we have some of the most expensive cities in the world and earn only a little bit more compared to other developed countries, I think higher cost of living would result in more materialistic people too, which I also see, as people tend to warm up to me more once they know I have 6 figure paying job. :/ Sad times, really.

  6. Can any non-muslim live peacefully in any muslim dominated country. Getting a feel of hospitality for a tour is ok, but try to live with these people. I have seen many people from such countries complaining about all other countries except their own. My friend was in morocco, and he was very happy their till one day when he bought something on a muslim fasting day and started eating in front of him. He had seen the beast inside. These people want everything in foreign countries but show no respect or rather mercy to the followers of other faiths.

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