Argentina Travel Guide

Photo by Ana_Cotta

Argentina OVERVIEW

Argentina is like its tango- gentle, sentimental, refined and intimate. There are no teeth-clenched roses, elaborate dresses and studied figures. It's all about self-expression, passion, unbound improvisation and good fun. So it's not really an itinerary or even a loosely defined plan that you need here. What you should have in fact, is a certain dose of unbridled curiosity in the unknown, an open mind and the ability to put quality of experience over efficiency. Besides, spend any amount of time here, go just anywhere, and you'll always find something of interest.

With the crown of the Andes reaching over 6000 meters up into the sky near Mendoza, the Ischigualasto geological wonders of San Juan, and the extraterrestrial quality of Iguazu National Park, the northern part of the country gives you a mind-blowing experience of elevation to the highest of heights. On the other hand, the south provides limitless glistening surfaces for spiritual reflection, with the crystal Lake District and los Glaciares of Patagonia, fabulous port of Ushuaia (the southernmost city in the world), and the whole Tierra del Fuego- a fiery window overlooking the Atlantic. Somewhere in between those two extremes Buenos Aires holds sway. Not much different from other American metropolises at first sight, but as you delve deeper into its fervor, it quickly unveils a genuine culture of artists, cafe talkers and fashion perfectionists that no city can rival.

When Argentinian mothers want to stop their kids straying from home, especially in the rural areas, they tell them the myth of Yasy Yateré. Legend has it the golden-haired goblin roams the mountains during siesta time attracting children with a hypnotic whistle that mocks a bird and abducts them with only a little hope of returning home. Truth or twaddle, one thing is out of the question. When you experience Argentinian cordiality, laid-back lifestyle, and its limitless natural blessings, no tricks will be necessary to make you stay close. And even if you do stand off, falling prey to Yasy Yatere, be sure the gallant Argentines will do their best to win you back.