Top 10 Destinations For Your Honeymoon

We all want our honeymoon to be special, unique, and unforgettable. What is the perfect recipe for exceptional newly-weds’ romance away from home? The tropics, wild desert, or maybe a vibrant city? See the selection of most popular destinations for the just-married to get inspired, or to check what you might like while planning your future honeymoon, wedding, or a romantic trip the two of you will enjoy.

1. The Maldives

Maldives. By romsrini


Incredibly azure waters, perfect beaches covered with white warm sand, slender palm trees, remote and calm resorts…can you imagine a better place for a long-awaited honeymoon? Maldives is definitely a place where you and your brand new spouse will ascend to a paradise on earth.


Maldives. By lionel bodilis
Maldives. By lionel bodilis



The Maldives is an island country in the Indian Ocean that comprises twenty-six atolls and 1.195 islets. Charming honeymoon resorts are located on separate islands and many of them offer private bungalows so the just-married can enjoy privacy and intimacy of their personal exotic setting.


Maldives resort. By iujaz


The resorts’ offers are perfectly composed to satisfy the most demanding newlyweds. Romantic candlelit dinners, rooms decorated with flowers, breakfasts on the beach, or even your own private sandy spot…this could be a beginning of a beautiful marriage.


2. Chile

Torres del Paine.Chile. By m750


If tropics seem a bit trite for you, then Chile might be a perfect option for a romantic, but also adventure-filled honeymoon. Chile is one of the most striking and beautiful countries in South America. It is also one of the few countries on the continent relatively free of crime, and with gradually increasing economy.


Valle del Equi. By linoleum jet


The Chilean landscape is savage and diverse. A dry hot desert (the Atacama) is stretching in the north, a mountainous patch covers Southern Patagonia, and Torres del Paine National Park amazes with its untamed wilderness and beauty. Climbing volcanoes, strolling along vineyards, exploring glaciers, geysers and lakes are just a few examples of myriad opportunities waiting for the wild hearted newlyweds in Chile.


3. Greece

Oia. Greece. By rachellake


Take ancient history, add monumental sites and exotic islands. Mix it with trendy hotels or isolated rustic accommodations and combine the mixture with sunny weather. Season all with excellent Mediterranean cuisine and rub it with the laid-back atmosphere. Let it stand for at least two weeks and you will have a perfect recipe for the ideal honeymoon.


Restaurant 1901, Skiathos Town. By Twin Peaks


This is Greece, an ancient country situated at the end of the Balkan Peninsula and surrounded by the crystal waters of the Mediterranean basin. Whether it is be Mykonos, a vibrant island packed with stylish bars and restaurants, a bit quiet Delos, or Crete, dotted with beautiful beaches, caves and historic ruins, Greece will help make your honeymoon special.

Sunset in Greece. By Giorgos~


4. Tuscany, Italy

San Gimignano. Tuscany. By Alaskan Dude


Home of fine art, excellent cuisine, magical landscapes, wine, wine, and more wine…Tuscany, a region in Italy, known for its beautiful countryside and rich artistic output. It is an ideal destination for newly married couples wanting to celebrate their honeymoon in Renaissance romantic surroundings, close to historic sites of elegant Florence and Pisa.


Tuscany in May. By Jiri Sebek


Tuscany is a perfect blend of vibrant cities and romantic countryside of rolling hills, splendid Apuane Alps, charming vineyards, olive groves and miles of sandy beaches. The most romantic time to go is spring when the fields are covered with flowers and the weather is pleasantly warm, but not too hot.  


Vineyards in Tuscany. By Addictive Picasso


5. The Caribbean

Dominican Republic. By wisse


It can be Barbados, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, Cayman Islands or some other Caribbean destination…the whole region featuring 7,000 islands, islets, reefs, and cays is a perfect getaway for newlyweds. The beaches are exotic, the water is crystal clear, the resorts are chic and the dining is excellent.


Turks and Caicos. By WisDoc


Caribbean islands are perfect destinations to relax on golden sands, enjoy beautiful sunsets, dive, golf, swim with dolphins or take long romantic cruises. The best time to go is from December to April; in May and November you may look for bargains; from June to October it rains and the hurricanes may occur.


Barbados by TarikB


6. Arizona, the USA

Glen Vanyon. Arizona. By Wolfgang Staudt


Again, if tropics are commonplace and the two of you are searching for something more dramatic and spiritual, then why not spend your honeymoon in Arizona. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration and adventure, this could be some true experience.


Arizona sunset. Sonoran Desert. By Pete Lewis


Whether you stay in bed and breakfast with dazzling mountain views, a trendy villa with spa or an all inclusive luxurious hotel, you will have a chance to come closer to nature, stay active biking, rafting, climbing or just strolling around hand in hand (how romantic!). Arizona is also great to do more down-to-earth and less romantic things such as shopping at trendy malls of Scottsdale and Phoenix, or dining out in great restaurants offering world-class cuisines, from Mexican spicy tastes to Japanese specialties.


7. Mexico

Cancun. Mexico. By Tbass Effend


No place can be as diverse and romantic as Mexico. The azure waters of the Pacific coast, stunning reefs perfect for diving and snorkeling in Yucatan, the magical and mysterious Teotihuacan site, excellent food and Mexico City’s vibrant nightlife – this is Mexico, another ideal destination for spending an unforgettable honeymoon.


One of Mexico’s romantic restaurants. By Ben.a


Mexico has so much to offer, from thousands of outdoor activities to historical sites and rich history, that it would be worth staying in the country at least several weeks. Unfortunately, the honeymoon is often very limited (in terms of duration, of course), but you can always treat it as a good introduction to your trips and vacations in Mexico in the future.


Cozumel, Mexico. By caribbeanfreephoto


8. Fiji

Fiji’s island. By grilloverde


Another idyllic place for a honeymoon is Fiji. The island country located in South Pacific Ocean is 365-days-a-year destination with excellent warm weather and super-friendly locals. There are around 300 islands and around 500 islets that make up Fiji, of which many are permanently inhabited.


Navala village. Fiji. By kalevkevad


Fiji is also one of those places that you can easily call a paradise on earth: sandy beaches, turquoise waters, great reefs ideal for snorkeling and diving, mixed with the breathtaking interior brimming with volcano carters, waterfalls, mountain views and historical sites. Many resorts offer private honeymoon accommodations where you can feel like in your own personal heaven.


Coral Coast. Fiji. By sworm


 9. Sydney, Australia


Sydney’s harbour. By yewenyi


The tropics are great, the remote Chilean desert can be fascinating, the Greek islands are romantic, but if you still haven’t found what you are looking for…Sydney might be an option for a fantastic, crazy honeymoon.


Bondi Beach. Sydney. By Gabes1982


It does have great beaches, it does offer romantic getaways, it is sunny, relaxed and charming. The honeymoon in the vibrant city of trendy bars, smart restaurants, great sights of the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, funky New Town and hip Bondi Beach is great for the just-married searching for 100% of great city life plus some striking beauty of nature.


Darling Harbour by night. By stage88



10. Hawaii, the USA

Kauai. By Jeff Kubina


You and your spouse will love it, simply because Hawaii is difficult not to love. It might be packed with people in busy resorts, but once you get off the tourist tracks, you may find yourself alone (with your spouse… I mean) on empty beaches or in a lush rain forest.


Hawaii Sunset. By Cougar-Studio


Hawaii’s islands, located in the
central Pacific Ocean, are the year-round destinations. There are eight main islands in the archipelago, so the choice is broad, but if you don’t have much time to do island-hopping, stay on one of them to fully explore it. Among highlights are Big Island with Hawaii’s tallest mountain, Mauna Kea, and a beautiful volcano, Kilauea, Kauai, the surfers’ spot and home to Mount Waialeale Crater, and finally Maui, perfect for humpback whales watching.


Oahu. By B Tal



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