1. guest Aug 5, 2011 9:27 AM

    you all suck, where i live in canada i'm paying 4,500$ a month for a tiny home with only 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and a 10x10 living room.

  2. Ryan Aug 7, 2011 2:47 PM

    Rural Canada is pretty affordable, with excellent access to the USA in the event you want/need to go back, the caveat being that the places that you could live on peanuts are places most people wouldn't want to live in (Saskatchewan, northern Ontario).

    I've never been, but I've heard excellent things about Nepal, especially from an affordability standpoint.

    There's always India, but the culture shock there is probably too massive for most.

  3. Mike Aug 9, 2011 10:08 AM

    Mbswriter at gmail dot com

    Philippines is not safe. People will over charge you. No one speaks English. The girls are scammers and have no teeth. Pollution and garbage everywhere.

    Japan is amazing. Average apartment is US 150 a month. Why do people say that's expensive?

  4. andrew Aug 13, 2011 1:03 AM

    realy it will be hard ,to imposible to live in any of these countrys as a westener . all the cheap places to stay will cost you 50 to 70 dollars a month and every were you go all shops and trikes bars have different piices for us ? you have to watch every penny , why bother just take a few hundred more a week and enjoy some comfort...

  5. Dude Aug 13, 2011 2:18 PM

    I lived for 3 years in Vietnam and Philippines. Vietnam monthly budget is 700usd and Philippines1000usd. But if you rent a cheap local room, eat and drink exceptionally in local places and buy nothing more, then cheaper but is it realistic? Well maybe for someone, but in that case, can't you do the same at home ;) ?

  6. pablo escobar Aug 13, 2011 5:38 PM

    Try Colombia, coke is cheap as well as food and accomodation.

  7. Omar Aug 16, 2011 4:05 AM

    Don't look to far...the answer is Nicaragua...with $300 us money you cal live spend only $10.00 a day.....thats all you need...think and do it...

  8. Robert Aug 16, 2011 8:53 PM

    Just go to Craigslist and look at rents for expats in any of these places, and you will see that it is impossible to live on 500 a month. My wife is Filipina ans she says if you owe your home, then it is possible to live on 500.

  9. Guest Aug 18, 2011 6:42 PM

    Grow up people, it seems like most of you want cheap sex and cheap beer. Get a life...

  10. don't know Aug 19, 2011 9:50 PM

    Can't u name somewhere in Canada or at london where its cheaper

  11. Paul Henderson Aug 19, 2011 11:15 PM

    In Canada there are many places where you can live for free: If you get out the city you can find some wilderness and build a cabin and live off the land: many people have done this and even wrote a ton of books to document their experience

    The other places to live include Indian reserves: these can be like third world conditions – poor water quality; substandard housing, even dirt roads. The social problems are also high with drugs and alcoholism etc.

    Another way is to just be a kid and live in your parent’s basement; they will cover all of your costs and you get to use everything for free like the washing machine, heating and even dad’s car. The best part is you do not really need to work – maybe some part time job to get some pocket money: there are thousands of kids living like this and they are not young – in their twenties and thirties; they made the big time living the Canadian dream

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  14. Ron Smith Aug 28, 2011 5:05 PM

    I am now living in Ukraine, and the rent here for a small flat with a full kitchen and 3/4 bath, all bills paid, furniched with sat. t/v, within walking distanice of down town, only cost $250.00 per month, food is cheap at the market and cig. are very cheap, so check out Ukraine, and the beautiful women, WOW, I have been here for 2 months and all my pay is just $703.00 from social security, and I live great here, come and enjoy.

  15. ron nicol Aug 28, 2011 6:15 PM

    I lived in manila on 400 a month for 8 months. Had a great time. Yes, I gave up many luxuries I was use to in america, but worth it all the same.

  16. Victor Sep 1, 2011 11:48 PM

    Nichole M: what city are you in?

  17. Jacky Sep 3, 2011 3:42 AM

    How can you even believe an article written by a no name author?

    Obviously, the author has no idea about the real world because they haven't lived in the countries mentioned.

    Just another bullshit article that is trying to manipulate and brainwash readers.

    The author must be jewish.

  18. nick Sep 6, 2011 10:09 PM

    how about isla margarita venezuela . petrol is nearly free 1.25 cents / litre condo fees electricity . water etc cheap , hugo keeps the prices low . cooking at home is cheap alcohol is cheap . filled the car and bought a bottle of vodka for $1.80 condo on the water is cheap to buy , cheap to run the aircon etc weather nearly always good

  19. The Dancing Scorpion Sep 14, 2011 1:19 AM

    Don't believe all that Theroux crap about how wonderful travel is. This guy sleeps and eats at 5-star joints. And his friends are all influential and wealthy. The only Americans I've found that can suffer the often considerable evils of foreign living are retired military personnel. They seemed well girded for the unexpected. And most often have the resources and fortitude to slough on in the face of the unexpected. Anyway, travel is highly over rated and tedious these days thanks to government and organized thugs. Stay home. Really.

  20. Mom Sep 14, 2011 1:26 AM

    Chasing women along the international causeway is always, always a policy with bad outcomes...

  21. Marc Sep 14, 2011 1:03 PM

    There are so many idiots on this blog who do not have a clue. People who comment that have never been there or people who have been there but dont have a clue about things.
    You can live in all of these places for 500 US per month, if you choose a certain life style.
    To prove it, go to and put in "chiang Mai" Thailand. You will find decent private room accommodation for 5 US per night. Cheaper if you book directly, maybe 3-4 US per night. So thats 150 per month for the stay. If you eat lovely street food, maybe another 5 dollars per day. So, thats 150 per month for lovely street food. This will leave you 200 per month for transport and drinks. Thats two large bottles of water and three beers per day.

    Why do idiots on here say that it cant be done when it can be proven and can be down.

    Half the world live in poverty on 1US dollar per day. An average teachers salary in SE Asia is around 600 US dollars per month. What do they do then? Just die!!!
    Get a life people, you can live on 500 US per month or 5000 US per month. It is just a lifestyle choice.

  22. guest Sep 15, 2011 11:25 PM

    Dhaka. Bangladesh £1 gets you 120 taka,a can of coke cost 20 taka,pack 20 b&h cost 100,food at decent restaurant cost 500 pp,cabs are cheap,but if you dont speak the language expect to pay lot is good from Oct till march.....

  23. Dahlia Sep 18, 2011 9:37 AM

    You can get mugged in any place on the world you just hav eto be careful anywhere you are i am 18 years old and i am thinking of studing stewardess will i be able to find a job in thailand or in one of these places beacuse i am reallu exhausted from cities (im from greece but i was born in molodva so i speak russian english moldavian ukrainian and romanian can anyone please tell me and help me if a can find a jiob there ?? ?? ?? PLEASE

  24. thesetat Sep 18, 2011 12:19 PM

    i cant believe the things i have read in this posting.... I have been living and working in thailand now for 2 years... It is possible to live here for about 500 USD a month without the extra for visas monthly...
    Teachers salary start at a minimum of 25 thousand baht (840 USD) and a maximum about 50 thousand Baht(about 1600 USD)for non-Asians...depending on where you work. For $120 you can either rent a apartment with furniture or do what i am doing and rent a 2 bedroom townhouse without furniture....Only the stupid people touristing and not caring about money spend so much... I live like an American here... I have internet,cable, a motorcycle, with a beautiful home... And I only spend about 300 on all bills and utitities (with motorcycle payments)... Food runs me about 200 a month but I do alot of cooking at home...I lived in an apartment in chiang mai for the same amount... My teaching job pays me 900 a month... My biggest expenses are when i travel to other cities for fun, drinking, women, and other pleasures i seek...It is easy to spend alot if you don't care.
    I lived in the Phillipines for a year... I had a 2 bedroom Amercanised home and was only paying 125 a month.....and my monthly costs to live there were only about 600 but again.... I live my life as an american,, I buy special foods and things to make myself more at home. This costs me more...If you really want to know the costs to live in either of these 2 countries you are free to email me and ask... I won't pull your chain like most of the replies in email is thesetat at hotmail dot com

  25. guest Sep 21, 2011 5:48 AM

    Those who mentioned Thailand, The average Teacher wage is around $1000-2000 U.S per month, i was living just outside Bangkok in a beautiful new apartment, Air con ect and was only forking out $200 a month on rent...It's all about location location

  26. Guest Sep 23, 2011 11:17 AM

    I actually started looking at the Belize move... then the Belize retirement Tax benefits.. NOT even remotely going to that place. I am not paying visa fees monthly anywhere. I currently reside in Germany and life is good.. a little pricy but good. Safe, friendly and can go anywhere in a couple of hours(France, Switzerland, Spain etc.). So, for now I stay where I am... still looking. My wifes dad went to Portugal and actually passed away there. As far as I know, he was NOT working.. so it might be cheap there too... who knows.

  27. Mike Sep 26, 2011 8:42 PM

    It is obvious you can live for less than 500 dollars in countires where an average salary is much lower than that. You practically have to look for a third world country where can not live on 500 dollars. Write an article about a country where you can live well on 100 dollars a month. I am serious, not everybody had the luck to be born in one of the western countries. I come from Poland I have saved around 100 thousand dollars and if I wanted to retire thanks to a deposit interests rates I could not afford to spend as much as 500 dollars a mnth.

  28. Vitor Sep 30, 2011 10:40 PM

    So, where can I find a tourism office who can sell it for me? Or a specific contact who I can talk about it?!

    that's my email:

  29. Dave Oct 1, 2011 12:46 AM

    Wow! I just spent 3 days printing out and reading all 929 of these comments. There's a ton of great information here. Lots of contradictory information too, lol.

  30. Alex Oct 2, 2011 2:46 PM

    I have lived in thailand for about 2 months in a small apartment in chiang mai and eating food from malls (2 $ a plate full of food) but I think that you need at least 400$ to live in a moderate western style. The rent isn't that cheap you will need at least 100$ per month. So only for food and lodging expect to pay 300$ in Chiang Mai (BKK and Pattaya are more expensive)

  31. Vitor Oct 4, 2011 10:25 PM

    So, and how can I buy it? there is any tourism office who can sell it? How can I get in contact?

    This is a good article, but must have contacts or paths to know how customers can use it.

  32. Barstarff Oct 7, 2011 6:47 AM

    Jul 3, 2009 4:00 AM
    Just spent the last 5 years in Thailand, Cambodia and The Phillipines. You CANNOT live in Any of these places on $500 a month. No way, no how.
    to respond to above:
    I am living in the Philippines $60$ a week semi furnished two bedroom apartment, security, food for two is $5 a day max a maid and im under $500

  33. John Oct 10, 2011 5:31 AM

    This site is a joke. I have spent my whole life living overseas and in most cases the bottom line is things are not any cheaper if you want a good quality of life. I now live cheaper in the U.S. than I did in Asia, Central or South America, unless you want to live in a Hut with a dirt floor.

  34. Shitlee Oct 10, 2011 5:37 AM

    If you want to live cheap, buy a tent and move on National Forest land. You can live for about 120.00 month. Total Price, you must like snakes, bugs, bears, ticks, hot, cold, dirt, body odor, rain and sun.

  35. Rohith from India Oct 14, 2011 2:42 PM

    India is the cheapest country to live

    1 US D = 50 rupees

    Beer = 35 rupees
    banana = 5 rupees
    Normal Indian meal = 20 rupees
    Rent for a single bedroom house = 6000 to 8000Rupees
    Everything is cheaper in India no country can be compared to India

  36. krish Oct 15, 2011 6:42 PM

    guys if you want to live in 500$/month, India is the best place, which is a tropical place, they respect foreigners, you get different all kind of foods, most of the people they understand English in the cities, choose southern bay area if you want beaches, people dont carry weapons, but there are few people who can cheat you as a foreigner, most cities are crowded, public transport is good, pollution and mosquitoes are negatives, you can have different kind of life styles, standard of living depends on how much you can afford, but with 500- 600 us dollars you can have a decent life style for 2-3 persons on a long run, think of it and check on for more reviews on India, My suggestion try not to live nearest to tourist places.

  37. Guest Oct 21, 2011 11:06 PM

    Only problem with living overseas is getting a long term visa!

  38. Ken Oct 23, 2011 3:46 AM

    Yep, have to agree with a lot that I have read about Thailand. I have lived and worked there for 8 years and there is no way on God's green earth the you can live there on $500 a month. The writer is having a joke yes? Having said that, Thailand is still a nice place to go to but Im not sure I would want to retire there. I have lots of Thai friends, lovely people all of them, but generally, the Thais want our money but not necessarily us in their country.

  39. Kalh Oct 24, 2011 7:58 AM

    What? I lived in Costa Rica and Luxembourg and Canada are way cheaper than Costa Rica, that country is like a wealthy empire, great for social exclusion, no way! I am better now in South Asia.

  40. Vijay Srinivas Oct 25, 2011 10:46 PM

    India is cheap, no doubt, but it is also dirty. On the other hand, Switzerland is neat and clean, but extremely expensive.
    I would prefer a balance between the two.

  41. Vijay Oct 25, 2011 10:47 PM

    I would prefer a cheap, yet clean and tidy place.

  42. ToeKnee Oct 26, 2011 12:50 AM

    I can find a 2bd, 1bath townhome in the Philippines newly built similar to western standards for 5k pesos right now.($115) If i could pay that rent in the US, I could live for $500 a month. You arent going to party like a rock star but it is possilbe to live a nice life for $500 a month in the Philippines.

  43. Guest Oct 27, 2011 8:11 AM

    What about Sri Lanka?

  44. NK Oct 27, 2011 8:46 PM

    I used to live on a beautiful little island in Thailand. I had a two bedroom cottage with a nice open kitchen. Bathroom was nice with a hot shower. No air-con. The view from the terrace was stunning. I paid 12 000 baht a month. Water and electricity was included. Gas for the kitchen stove was not. Neither was the drinking water. Also when spending a longer while it´s better to buy that motorbike to get around with instead of renting it. You can get a dodgy scooter for about 7000 baht. You can sell it when you leave, if there´s anything left of it.. For the food and drinks it´s always more expensive on the islands but I could get along with about 400 euros a month and i did party quite a lot. Also all the prices have gone up since the 2002-2006 so prepare to spend at least a 1000 euros a month. If you gonna stay longer, it´s good to add another 300 € for the visa runs and extra hassles. With these prices you can have it easy in your hammock and have a laugh at night here and there but if you wish to do diving of wakeboarding or anything that you might end up wanting when living the beach life, you gotta add another 300 € for your monthly costs. You can always try and get a job from a local bar to earn that extra 300 for your monthly sins, but then again, after a hard week you want to relax "properly" and end up spending way more than you earned. But, I highly recommend it for anyone who´s tired to be sitting in an office, just for the sake of it. With a monthly budget around1500 € I´m sure you manage to have a trippy trip you´d need.

  45. Brad Oct 29, 2011 8:04 PM

    I lived in Belize for three years. For sure the person who wrote the article has not been there. Most likely a travel agent. People from Belize go to southern Mexico for the beaches. Fact is most of the Belize shoreline is mangroves. There are a few white sand beaches owned privately but they are small and not open to the public. On the out islands there are some pretty beaches but don't think you can live there on 500 a month unless you plan on sleeping in a ham-och between to palms. Northern Belize is best on Chetemaul Bay ( Corozal, Consejo) English is taught in schools and spoken by most everyone. It is close to southern Mexico and great day trips to Tulum and Playa. We went every weekend to get gas and buy grocerys. It is worth the trip if you load up on food and fill up. 700 to 800 can been done if you are carefull. Much less than that and you won't be able to do much other than sit home and worry about money! If you don't have that much to live on-you should consider southern mexico. Anywhere south of playa or inland is much cheaper than Belize on the gulf coast. As for the 14 year olds with ak47s not happening in Belize. Guns are illegal there. Only people with special permits which are few and hard to get have them. It is as safe in Belize as most anywhere in the U.S. Especially in the north along the mexican border. Except for Belize City which is poverty stricken and mostly slums. Look for americans who have been living in the northern end for a while to help you learn how not to get ripped off. If you are in Corozal go to the Bayside ( nice little cabana bar on the water) Usually a few americans there every day.

  46. Stan Oct 30, 2011 8:53 PM

    Try Penang Malaysia. It's safer than any Western country, and food is cheap. Outside of George Town and other congested areas, rents ofr a nice place can be had for under $300. Electricity and water are a joke. I live very well on under $700 per month. you can live here on a tourist visa by leaving to Thailand ever 90 days and coming back. The ride is about three hours. By a 125CC Honda for about $850 (a very good used one) an enjoy the scenery. The Malays is very gracious. No Jews, though; that's the catch for some. Malays are Muslim, though very liberal.

  47. John Nov 4, 2011 8:28 AM

    Best place to live Kabul - Afghanistan .... No cost for visa

  48. Guest who Nov 6, 2011 3:34 PM

    I rented a Villa in Cambodia for $1200 a month... its expensive here.

  49. Thai Girl 2011 Nov 6, 2011 3:47 PM

    I love Angkor Wat

  50. Nanda Nov 6, 2011 5:12 PM

    Nobody will argue about Sri lanka. I can say everything is cheaper there except vehicles.

  51. krzysztof Nov 9, 2011 8:57 AM

    in past 40 years I was living and travelling all over the world, theoritically and also practically it is POSSIBLE to live almost everywhere in the world for 500$ per month,but not for EVERYONE,because we have different opinions about what are ours minimum requirements to be satisfied with life,personally I THINK that for average not too demanding homosapiens(not homofabers) 800-1000$ per month is more realistic to get enjoyment from your travels and life,but as I said quite a number of people can get this enjoyment for less,good luck to everybody!

  52. Joe Guest Nov 13, 2011 2:26 PM

    INMIGRATION requirements!!...forgot them? in most countries are difficult. Example in Costa Rica one must have $2500/mo. proven income to be allowed to live there!...duhh!...

  53. jake Nov 26, 2011 4:09 PM

    add in visa fees and travel to cross the border every two months

  54. immanuel dela santoz Nov 27, 2011 5:45 AM

    philippines ??

  55. mel Nov 27, 2011 10:49 AM

    Central america is a cheap place to live. i have family that lives there. it is a different lifestyle but if you are american and want a change then go for it. know spanish before you go. an american dollar is 11 pesos right now. I went over the summer, A carton of juice was 5 pesos so 50cents, food is cheap. clothing is a little bit more.I bought a "nice" shirt for 100 pesos 10$, and sandals for 25, 2.50. only thing that did suck was gas...... kill me, it was almost as expensive as it is here. anyway Im planning a to travel to south america for a while, argentina and ecuador. My friends family ownes apartments and homes out there. rent is 50$-200$ american dollars. depends on the occomodations you want. i kinda want to live there for a couple of months. Its cheaper than living in spain. i was torn between the two. But yeah so I see alot of people saying omgg this article is a lie. no its not, you just have to know were to look, who to know. and just realize that there will be some sacrifices to make but to me its worth it. Traveling is what makes me happy.

  56. Kylekuts Dec 4, 2011 2:49 PM

    So sad only white people get to rate these topics, black and Spanish Americans don't thi k about leaving the US. But the standards of white people are so high that these notes only can be determined by actually visiting for your self. Just my experience I live in Kuwait and it's not the desert with camels as depicted on TV.

  57. dave Dec 5, 2011 4:47 AM

    "Why do idiots on here say that it cant be done when it can be proven and can be done."

    The reason some of us "idiots" say it can't be done is because we have been there and lived there, and recorded every baht/peso/rupiah spent. Visa, transport, health, books, relationship costs mean that unless you are going to stare at the wall 24/7 it is going to cost more than 500. Even with a1000 that is frugal living, inflation in thailand/phili/indonesia is about 7% which means purchasing power of $ halves every 10 years...add in the declining exchange rate...

  58. ThunderStruck Dec 6, 2011 11:13 PM

    I was stationed in Panama during late 60's and thinking about going back there to retire.
    Has anyone been there in resent years?

  59. wecictutritly Dec 11, 2011 8:05 AM

    Where to celebrate Christmas advise?

  60. Artexydeade Dec 15, 2011 2:51 AM

    Haha that's rediculous. No way

  61. Tony Uk Dec 28, 2011 11:15 PM

    Why are all the loser americans and canadians so in favour of Costa tell you because they feel safe, it is not such a great place, is expensive compared to its neighbours, is dirty in most towns, and not as safe as the costa rican tourist board would like everybody to believe, ive travelled extensivelly all over the world and never encountered as many "crack heads" in one country as costa rica...but because of other americans settling and holidaying there they feel safe, they shouldnt! my recommendations...the two "u"s Uruguay and Ukraine, cheap cheap cheap and both very safe, great skiing in the ukraine in winter and the medditeranean black sea in winter...uruguay great beaches, great people, more laid back than Brazil or Argentina too

  62. Betelgeuse Jan 2, 2012 3:32 PM

    Frugality in the USA is only a mindset. I lived on the streets of Houston for a while, and was amazed at the resources available for anyone. Food. First, bugs are nothing but protein. And the bigger the bug, the more protein, right? Needless to say in that sub-tropical climate, there was no shortage of food. Secondly, building material for the house was in abundance. You would be amazed at how much cardboard businesses throw away.It really is nice when I could live by the bus terminal. They open the bathrooms early. Best I can figure I lived on ......nutthin a month!

  63. NS Jan 2, 2012 9:45 PM

    Sorry to burst your bubble but telling people they can live in Costa Rica for $600 a month is BS unless you want to live in a pig pen! Sure you can live anywhere in the world for $600 a month but what type of life do you want to live. I love CR I lived there for 4 years and I can tell you first hand it cost more to live in CR then it does to live in the USA if you want to live well.

  64. NS Jan 2, 2012 9:53 PM

    @Thunderstruck Yes I have been to Panama many many times over the last 4 years and it's much cheaper then Costa Rica and much better in my opinion if you want to live in the city. San Jose in the arm pit of the world and I can see why anyone other then old men looking for hookets at the del Rey would want to live their. Panama is great but just know this I have traveled the world and there is no such thing as a place called paradise. Paradise is a place in your head all these places have serious issues you won't find out about till its to late.

  65. Sam Jan 4, 2012 6:16 PM

    I have lived in Thailand and Cambodia for the past 10 years. I lived in Pattaya for 4 years and Phnom Penh for the past 6 years. Thailand is much more western and has good medical care, but no way can you live a comfortable life style on $500 a month. My studio condo was $300 a month, plus. Visa runs and the whole immigration system is just stupid. Phnom Penh and Cambodia is not as developed, but that is changing fast. I rent a townhouse 2 bedroom, 2 bath,in PP for $100 a month, but electricity costs me $125. I love the A/C. Only down fall is Medical care is not very good. Get Medavac Insurance to take you to Bangkok if your sick.
    You could get by on $500 a month, I get a $2000 pension and I have a maid, driver and enjoy myself. Plus I save $500 a month and take holidays every year.
    Warning they don't call the country Scambodia for nothing, what ever the price is for something pay half is about right, because I can speak the language also saves me a lot of money; this is true for Thailand also.
    Well I'd like to have a change, but I can't find anywhere that is as safe, the people are as friendly and you can still get a beer for less than a dollar, 25 cents for a pack of smokes and the cost of living is so low.

  66. jimbo Jan 7, 2012 8:47 PM

    Ive been to thailand 12 times the last time was in nov 2011 and I rented a room for 200 a month and it was nice. it was across the steet from airport central you just have to get them down in price which was not that hard .and it cost me about 10$ a day to eat

  67. ib Jan 8, 2012 4:26 PM

    well . i have decide to stay and die at home !!

  68. Sam White Jan 24, 2012 7:42 PM

    How about a cheap place that isn't a steaming jungle? Anyone?

  69. Jamie Jan 29, 2012 10:06 PM

    Who the hell wants to go to Ukraine. Relatively safe for whites, but not for non whites lol.

  70. guest Jan 30, 2012 9:11 AM

    you're all stupid.

  71. Ecocta avatar Ecocta Jan 31, 2012 5:17 PM

    May be in Africa it is possible, because the people who earn $400 are the ones doing well

  72. Dan Feb 2, 2012 4:19 PM

    Thailand is great, 7/11 are brilliant over there, but ever year the prices go up

  73. RJ Feb 4, 2012 10:37 PM

    If only the Phillipines and Thailand weren't so darn HOT and HUMID!!! waaaaa!!!

  74. Ima Kidd Feb 5, 2012 7:40 AM

    Jungles. Free food, accomodation, greenery, and massges by rabid monkeys

  75. sash Feb 5, 2012 1:15 PM


    Haha yes who would like to come here to Ukraine, as many beautiful women as you can handle, everything is very cheap. Such a terrible place ;)

  76. Jed Eye Feb 5, 2012 4:48 PM


    true, but ukrainian women are vapid, vacuous black holes of ineptitude that are highly toxic and must be eliminated by galactic phagocytosis. but, they are hot...

  77. Ruth Stalford Feb 6, 2012 12:26 PM

    the best place ti live it's Afeganistan- Kabul

  78. guest Feb 8, 2012 8:03 AM

    UAE: Sharjah is dirt cheap and Ajman cheaper at 5500 dirhams-- $1700. for a studio

  79. Juve Leo Feb 9, 2012 12:41 PM

    best place it's Estádio José Alvalade XXI - Lisbon

  80. PJR Feb 12, 2012 4:03 AM

    I live in Zacatecas, Mexico, and it is not only possible, but easy to live on $500/month here.

    I pay around $180 USD/month for a 3-bedroom, 1.5 bathroom house. Groceries cost about $200/month; high-speed internet costs $40/month, gas for cooking and hot water costs $20/month. Optionally, lots of beer every day and getting drunk at the bars at least once a week might cost an extra $250/month. (My budget is $800/month, and I live very well by local standards.)

    The fact of the matter is that most people here live on $400-500 per month comfortably. In addition, many people speak English. In regards to safety, all the news you hear is mostly about violence taking place in the border states. The fact of the matter is this: 95% of the people being killed are involved in the drug trade. If you're not involved in the drug trade, you have little to worry about. Even with the violence, the murder rates (for most Mexican cities) are below most US cities!

    Seriously, don't believe everything you see on TV!

  81. henry ssebaggala Feb 12, 2012 10:10 PM

    I want to travel for shopping my list of countries is italy malaysia ,singerpore and indonesia plus UAE but i dont know which one to choose for great shopping.

  82. Guest Feb 15, 2012 9:20 PM


  83. Lillian Feb 17, 2012 1:43 PM

    2bedroom apartment 4 $500 a month or less in philadelphila ,pa
    every thing inclued

  84. Guest Feb 18, 2012 6:12 PM

    I live in Chiang Mai and my apartment rent is $115 a month for a semi-luxurious studio. So, yes, it is possible to live here on $500 a month. Some of these other posts are full of it because I live here and I know the prices and you can get an apartment for as little as $35 just as the author says.

  85. Guest Feb 18, 2012 6:39 PM

    @Steve "I been in all the south east asian countries. The dude writting this article has no CLUE at all. Thailand for 500 USD is the same joke as New York for 1000 USD. In Thailand you spend only on the VISA expenses each month about 80 USD. If you want to live in a normal non fancy place, but not full with wankers and sex tourists you will pay at LEAST 700 USD just for your appartment. A beer is at least now 2 USD. McDonald menus are around 2.50 USD. A hamburger about 1 USD. The whole world has heard about Thailand now, and so the crowds go there and have pushed up the prices. Not to mentioned that you will be treated as lower level human if you are not from Thailand, is just another reason to avoid it. Bombs, bullets and crapy Goverment tops the pie but not last. I rather would look into eastern europan countries for a cheap place instead of any asian destination now. its 2010 not 2000 or 1995 ..."

    It doesn't cost $700 a month for a decent place here. You have no idea or you are just a tourist. I have lived here for 3 years straight and I know the prices here. You can get a decent flat for $100 a month here if you know where to look. Problem is most tourists only see the expensive condo ads and never find the 3,000 baht a month apartments that Thais rent everyday.

  86. sm one Feb 18, 2012 8:40 PM

    i am from india, and i wana tell you, my country is so nice for holidays coz you will pay just less then 300$ in a month for an average hotel and food also nt expensive here, just pay 1$ - 2$ for dinner or break fast or lunch , and here show many food street, we call's here that chaupati, gallery for food lover's.

  87. Kristen Feb 19, 2012 2:03 AM

    All I'll add is Costa Rica and Belize should NOT be listed as cheapest countries to live. I'm a realtor in Nicaragua and some home sales are up to half of what it cost in Costa Rica (not all...but some).. Also labor is extremely cheap, a security guard $250 a month, cleaning once a week per month $50, cooks if you choose..etc..etc

  88. Richard Feb 19, 2012 2:12 AM

    Has anyone heard anything in regards to ecuador?

  89. Kristen Feb 19, 2012 2:56 AM

    Yes, it was one of the countries I was looking at, It's actually relatively expensive in comparison to Central America. When all the factors weighed in, Nicaragua is the cheapest, and voted #1 for 2011 as place to retire. Not to use this as a marketing tool or anything, but my clients at Coldwell Banker have budgets as low as 50K to buy something and I've found it for them. That's an entire home, kitchen, bedroom, living room etc. Beer is $1, lobster is $12 cooked at a restaurant, but only 180 cordobas (about $7 for a pound)

  90. Kristen Feb 19, 2012 3:02 AM

    ...oh, I should specify... this house for $50k is 10 minutes from the beach. I'm in San Juan del Sur which is a small surf town that has bottomed out on prices because of the U.S. economy. This year should be a big jump for purchasing as the economy is doing better. My fiance and I researched for 4 years to find the best option, and not only the cheapest, it came up the safest.. You'll find petty crime everywhere in the world, but for violence, there's very rare incidents. If you want to step it up, you can buy a 2 bedroom with ocean views for $130k...brand new. And of course there are those that spend TONS of dough on million dollar places, but that's not the norm.

  91. Smart One Feb 20, 2012 4:06 AM

    The United States can be cheap. Just get on welfare and have a bunch of kids. Illegal immigrants are even doing it :(

  92. James Feb 20, 2012 11:42 AM

    Many of you are close minded and are so used to the western culture that you lose sight on living. $500 per month is manageable if you contain it right.

    1.)Means no going out everyday drinking boos, and hitting on local girls.

    2.) Find a house in decent area and quit whining. Are you someone ok with sitting at home? Cooking your own food?

    3.) Make plans with some expats but never turn your back on them or trust them fully. Just get out and experience the environment and be positive you obviously you left your own country to get away from the corrupt government and living.

    4.) Take some initiative to find yourself an online business you are passionate about rather blogging, selling on ebay, building online store, etc but you never to spend money to earn money

    5.) Just give the area a chance if your a country boy like me you wont like it in the city I dont like city folk up my arse all the time. Nice house in province in good area thats the way to live

  93. david Feb 22, 2012 10:45 PM

    its true! what she said, i live in philipnie for 7 moth in manila with 5000 only and i live well eat all i wanted and do all i wanted and i rent a studio type for 6000 peso a moth its about $150 and that was in manila, manila is the most expencive place in the philippine so for sure if you go in cibu it be cheaper. Im planing to go back and open a little business provence ;)

  94. Walt Feb 24, 2012 1:30 AM

    You should check out Honduras. the exchange rate it 15+ : $1U.S. and the beaches are gorgeous!!!!!

  95. Carl Feb 24, 2012 11:36 AM

    Koh Kong Cambodia is coastal A studio flat from $50 a month beer 50 cents fags $4 for 200 local food live well on $3 dollars imported food expensive locals make you welcome especially the girls nice beaches 1km away

  96. avatar brinks123 Feb 26, 2012 7:05 AM

    cuba is the place to go if u want to live safe!!it's by far one of the cheapest,safest destinations in the world to travel to. You can rent an awesome room at a casa particular(they are everywhere) in every cuban city for as little as 350$ for an entire month during the off season, a really good one located 10 metres from the ocean can go for 30 peso's a night which includes 2 people.I stayed in a town callled matanzas on one trip down there its located 45 minutes from veraderro and found the best restaurant on top of an apartment building overlooking the ocean. picture having 3 main dishs each for 2 people and over 10 excellent drinks and the cost was under 10$.the drinks were 50 cents each , while in veraderro the same ones sell for 3-5 pesos each,beautiful private beaches closeby with nobody around anywhere. In cuba once you know your way around you can live like a true king for under 500$ a month with ease it is a true paradise. cubans who work at the resorts make just 30 pesos a month along with their govt subsidies . many of the casa's are superior to our houses .the farther you are away from the resort areas the better, i've gone scuba diving for less than 25 pesos for over an hour and a half nowhere is as cheap. when u change your tourist pesos for their money it's a 20/1 conversion, so when u go to the bar u can buy one can of beer for a peso or get 6 drafts of the same beer for their cuban pesos, i've eaten eggs and buns on the street with coffee for breakfast for less than 50 centavos(cents)when u go to most clubs at night u pay a 5 peso entry charge ,but this often includes a 26oz bottle of rum ,so make sure u get your bottle when u go in with your ticket,as many bartenders will tend to keep it and sell it for themselves since they figure you don't know.if u go in and see all kinds of bottles on the tables they are included. and the girls... stay away from the ones who ask for $$, it's no different than home when u go out,if u like them , u pay for their night out and dinner or whatever,later if u feel u ant to give a couple bucks it's your decision, no need for prostitutes,far to many beautiful girls there to need to ever pay for any of them.unless you are so loaded u just gotta have a particular model then by all means go all out and spend that 5$,just stay away from the pimps around the resorts selling girls for 40 pesos, they would stay with you for 2 weeks for that kind of dough not 30 minutes.lmao good luck. don't bring u.s $ theynow impose a 10% penalty just to change it on the island. they value their currency with the euro no instead,it's worth alot more.1.34 now I think.

  97. Tony Feb 27, 2012 9:57 AM

    You cannot stay in Thailand for more than 6 months in any year. You'll need to do visa runs and have the right amount of money in the bank. My book is called "Thailand, The Land Of Tears" I would not return to that dangerous country if you paid me. Police will find a way to extort money from you and don't think you have to break laws to end up in prison there. Look at Police corruption and Thai prisons and prisoners. Or read my book if I can get it published.

  98. Marti Feb 29, 2012 1:50 AM

    Been to Thailand, Chiang Mai, cheap but not as cheap as I thought it would have been. Been to Ukraine 4 times, cheap in the smaller to medium sized cities - Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi

    Been in Russia twice, Udmurtia - not the capital city of Udmurtia a small city in that Republic. Big cities can be pricey. So, aside from Asia or Central America, eastern Europe can be good value.

  99. paul johnson Mar 4, 2012 4:03 PM

    These "cheap exotic places" always focus on 3rd world shitholes - and miss the best kept secret of all- Japan

  100. metusmetu Mar 7, 2012 6:29 AM

    Thanks to all of you for letting me know that living in another country isn't as cheap as they say! Guess I'll just have to keep looking,.............possibly Mexico I think, hopefully I don't get killed by the Cartels!!

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