World’s Five Most Dangerous Cities

The crime statistics of world’s five most dangerous cities are disheartening and shocking. With such high rates of homicide, robberies and violence these cities deservedly bear the names of ‘the places of chaos and death’ or ‘the murder capitals of the world’. Despite the scary data, some of them still remain wanted tourist destinations, though extreme caution is strongly advised when visiting.

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Best Cities to Spend Traditional Christmas

People are starting to come up with more and more extraordinary destinations to spend Christmas. Barbados, Maldives and Morocco have been on the standard list for a while now. Well, there’s no accounting for tastes, they say. But if you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones you used to know, ”where the treetops glisten and children listen to hear sleigh bells in the snow”, consider the following cities.

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World’s Most Extraordinary Swimming Pools

Be it for location, design or size, these pools are more than just enclosed bodies of water intended for swimming – as put in a definition. These extraordinary pools give a whole new meaning to swimming. In some cases you would have to be super rich to dip yourself in the luxurious waters, but a few of them are set in amazing sceneries, open to the public, and quite inexpensive.

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The cheapest places to live in the world. $500 a month

Are you tired of busy cities, crowded streets, high rents and almost non-affordable mortgage? Well…there are places in the world where you can live well for less. The cheapest places to live are also the most beautiful and exotic destinations. So why not make your dreams come true, pack your bags and move to one of those paradise locations, if not for a lifetime, then at least for a year or two?

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15 Amazing Castles from Around the Globe

Although designed and built for the prominent purpose of defense, today the castles seem like somewhat unrealistic constructions straight from the fairytale world. From solid strongholds to oriental fortresses and highly decorative palaces, the castles are our connection to the past, where legends mix with history and reality blends with a fairyland.

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