Black Tulip Amsterdam

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For people who have wanted to go to Amsterdam and get the true experience of the city, the Black Tulip Amsterdam has been one of the best ways to find it.

It is a hotel that was designed for a fairly specific clientele, and has not been the kind of establishment that you're likely to bring the kids to. Nonetheless, it has been hugely popular and people are looking forward to the new version that will be opened under new management with a new name.

The Black Tulip Amsterdam hotel was set in an older building, and was geared to providing a one of a kind experience to its guests. On many web sites, you will hear it referred to as a ‘romantic' hotel, but it actually goes much further than this. The rooms were outfitted with a number of fun additions that were meant for frolic and might not suit the tastes of every visitor.

Some people who have been to the hotel have found that it was not necessarily what they're looking for. It is primarily billed as a gay hotel, and the walls were adorned with homoerotic imagery. The decor included a black leather theme that was carried out through the different fun additions that were found in every room.

On top of providing a unique experience in terms of the decor and the style, the Black Tulip was also known for excellent service. The rooms are large, which offered people more space for the activities that they were intended for.

The Black Tulip Hotel enjoyed an excellent location right near the central train station. This made it particularly convenient for people who were traveling to Amsterdam by plane, as you could get right on the train from the Airport, and get off just steps away from the hotel. This is also a lively location, with many shops and restaurants nearby. It can get a little bit active in the evening, and there are a few suspect characters that hang around the area so it was probably much better to find the hotel and stay there during the evening. The hotel offered some beautiful views, and it is easy to access many of the major tourist attractions from this area.

The hotel has become known for many of the little extras that it provides. Visitors are greeted with a beer when they first show up, and the management was always happy to give some directions and provide some information about the city and the great places to go there. It had become known as not only a decadent and slightly kinky tourist destination, but also was well respected for the kind of service that they provided. It was the kind of place that people wanted to go if they really wanted true taste of what Amsterdam has to offer.

The hotel will be opened again under new management and under a new name, so it is likely that people can expect the same kind of service and certainly the same kind of accommodations that were provided their earlier. Hopefully, the new management will live up to the reputation that was built by the Black Tulip Amsterdam.



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