Portobello Hotel Antalya

By SemReerly, July 25th 2010 in Antalya Travel Guide Comments (0)

Portobello Hotel Antalya is a 5 star hotel that is found in Turkey. It is one of the best hotels where you can find modern and multi functional conference rooms, high class restaurants with delicious food and the best qualified personnel. It has a total number of 346 rooms.

Here you will get 279 standard type rooms, handicapped friendly rooms, junior suites and senior suite rooms. The hotel had great entertainment facilities where you will get something for everyone. It has a daily guest program that keeps its guests happy and entertained.

There are different animators who can speak in different languages such as Germany, Russian and English. You will find entertainment for all ages where everyone is guaranteed of a good time in the hotel. The hotel has its own entertainment team for this purpose.

Other than this, visitors can also enjoy musicals and dance shows. There is also a big pool in Portobello hotel Antalya where you can enjoy water sports such as swimming and water polo. For the people who like beach games, there is a beach where you can play beach volleyball.

The hotel has a mini club which has a garden and children can engage in all types of fun activities. If you are into sports the hotel has table tennis where you can enjoy this sport. It also has theme nights such as Turkish nights where you get to learn about the cultures of the Turkish people.

For relaxing purposes, the hotel has sauna and steaming rooms where you can go and relax after a long day. Here you can also get massages and facials to have the ultimate relaxing experience and retain your beauty. It also has a fitness center where they support the well being of their guests. Here there are stations for both physical fitness and relaxation purposes.

If you do not like to swim outdoors you do not have to worry as there is an indoor pool and Jacuzzi where you can have fun swimming nor relaxing in heated water indoors. These facilities are open all year round and you can enjoy them any time you fell like it.

The night life in Portobello hotel Antalya is also very active and interesting as they have a dicao that is known as Anchora. It also has a shopping center in the hotel lobby where you can get all your shopping done conveniently. It also has many restaurants where you can enjoy both local and international cuisine.


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