Location: New York City, United States

  1. Broadway

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    One of Manhattan’s named and not numbered avenues, Broadway is undoubtedly one of the highlights of New York. Acclaimed as the pinnacle of American theater, Broadway is THE place to perform and visit for anybody who is into the performing arts. The name usually refers to Broadway theater which incorporates a vast number of theater enterprises in the district and along the street of Broadway. Make sure you book tickets well in advance if you want to take a comfy seat in front of any a Broadway stage. If you are not successful with the tickets have some nice sightseeing instead. Why shouldn’t you spend some bucks in the 5th Avenue, the premier shopping street of the world, repent your shopping spree in one of NY most prestigious churches, the Trinity Church, and finally get entertained in the Times Square, an ideal place to experience the atmosphere of life on New York’s buzzing streets. Enjoy.

    Address: Broadway, New York City

    Tel: 1-800-BROADWAY


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  1. Tara Oct 30, 2009 11:01 PM


    I love Broadway; if I'm seeing shows or just sightseeing, it's a fun time!