Czech Republic Travel Guide

Czech Republic
Photo by christopher.woo

Czech Republic OVERVIEW

Czech Republic is an outstanding example that divorces need not necessarily be a disaster. Quite the contrary, since the 1993 separation from Slovakia, the country has grown in power and shows no signs of slowing down. Being an exquisite combination of stormy history, splendid architecture and intact natural habitats, it's a destination as good for a weekend outing as for weeks of thorough exploration.

Hiking through the historical regions of Bohemia or Moravia you come to discover what's quintessentially Czech- massive castles and romantic châteaux reminiscent of the Luxembourg rule, rolling, tree-clad hills perfect for both summer and winter outdoor pursuits, and finally, inimitable pearls such as jewel-box Prague and its smaller version, Cesky Krumlov. Hugged by the meanders of Vltava and adorned with the most spectacular remnants of the Renaissance, the cities make you pause in awe every now and then as you're shuttling between their old and new districts without even noticing where one ended and the other began.

And when you've had a sufficient history dose, unwind in spa-oriented Karlovy Vary or explore numerous dolomite caves and biking trails of Cesky Raj. Here, too, attractions and eye-pleasing views are in abundance, let alone the omnipresent ahoj that people almost unfailingly exchange when passing one another on a trail.

The turbulent past does not seem to have affected the Czechs, at least not in a negative way. Their open-mindedness, communicative disposition and hospitality towards tourists add extra value to the overall appeal of the country. Their love of a good feast and considerable distance to both life and themselves is what you might expect to find upon socializing with locals. A lot of laughter, loads of good food and twice that much beer. Bon appetit, or dobroú chuť , to be more specific.