Dresden Travel Guide

Photo by Kolossos


Consider yourself lucky to be able to witness the unique beauty of Dresden. Razed to the ground with Allied firebombing in February, 1945, which left the city in flames, bloodshed and haunting ruins, this German city rose like a Phoenix thanks to its people determination. It's is the survivors' love and zeal that restored Dresden's Baroque ornamented grandeur and brought the ‘Florence of the North' back to life. The panorama truly takes your breath away with the iconic landmarks of the Zwinger, the Frauenkirche and the Hofkirche. The skyline of delicate spires, majestic domes, towers rising high and stately mansions easily explains why numerous artists including Canaletto found inspiration here. Today the city blooms as a tourist Mecca offering visitors diverse cultural experiences draped against the backdrop of a historical city. What you find here is the greatness of days gone by but also stunning new architecture emerging, arts and cultural scene to keep you constantly entertained and plenty of relaxed riverside charm.