Edinburgh Travel Guide

Photo by Ipoh 子

Edinburgh OVERVIEW

No other European capital could provide a canvas for The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. On arrival you come to see the respectable figure of the Old Town's medieval tenements robed in the New Town's neoclassical chic. Heels tap rhythmically on the frigid cobblestones and the Nelson's Monument keeps a watchful eye on the restrained city life from top of Calton Hill- Edinburgh's acropolis and the headquarters of the Scottish Government. But dip a little bit deeper and you'll be hit not only with the blast of decadent pubs, beer-fueled parties, and dusk-to-dawn revelry, but also with the primeval magnitude of the craggy cliffs that cast an awe-inspiring shadow over the refined monuments. Edinburgh is a town where the reserved face of enlightenment and tradition is oxygenated with real blood and distorted with animalistic grimaces. Here civilization and nature fight a battle for dominance within one body, but being so intimately interlaced, one cannot exist without the other.