France Travel Guide

Photo by Penningtron


They say France produces as many types of cheese as there are days in a year. They also scoff at the idea that one is not supposed to call a pig Napoleon there. Well, in fact, the cheese repertoire boasts a variety of almost 500 and it would seems that the abundant personal liberties guaranteed in the Constitution enable you to name your livestock at your own discretion. Yet, you may be willing to ask the locals to confirm on these while you're skiing in Chamonix, windsurfing on the Riviera, or getting intoxicated with the smell of chestnuts roasting at la place Pigalle . Of course, at least a modest command of French could come in handy, although the tales of French reluctance to speak English seem somewhat far-fetched these days.

In other words, whatever you are expecting of a quality holiday time, you are bound to find it in this unique blend of glorious military history, foundations of the European Union, refined fashion and landmarks of worldwide appeal and not to be missed on any account. Relive the frenzy of glorious conquests in Normandy, feel the spirit of human rights in Strasbourg, splash out on something chic at Champs-Elysees, or just unwind and soak in the sun on one of St Tropez divine beaches. Still not convinced? Then get carried away in Bordeaux, the world's capital of wine, experience the sublime at the Cannes Film Festival, or jump on board and take a cruise along the Seine, passing the floodlit Eiffel Tower. With its marvelous châteaux, tiny cafes and accordion music in the air, France has always inspired artists and attracted lovers. It is here that Monet gave rise to Impressionism and dozens of would-be brides said 'yes'.