Greece Travel Guide

Photo by byrdiegyrl


Where the azure sky and the emerald sea become one and history meets mythology, there you'll come to discover Greece, the country of white houses and mighty past, spread over numerous tiny islands and elevated on the Olympus Massive. Here a visitor shall find the artistry of ancient sculptors and roots of philosophical thought, relive the early days of Western drama as well as the Olympic Games, indulge in Mediterranean cuisine and burning sun, or dance the night through to the sound of Zorbas and greet the day at traditional coastal taverns.

Once you've got over the daunting first encounter with storming crowds, deafening noise and scorching heat, Greece finally lies open just as it is- gentle, fabulous and majestic. Save a couple of days for Athens as every little pebble has its own history here and it takes time to really embrace the ancient magnificence of the city. Explore countless museums and archaeological sites of Thessaloníki, revel in the crystal clear waters of Mykonos, delve into antiquity's most prominent site of worship at Delphi, or simply kick your shoes off and bury your feet in the pristine sand of the heavenly Cretan coast. And although time flows siga siga here, don't even think you'll manage to tick off all the hot spots at one sitting. Come back for more or explore them anew. Either choice is advisable.

Today Greece is slowly drifting from the popularized image of the country where people take it slowly and follow their own peculiar rhythm. Some say the exalted Greek hospitality is more of a myth than fact and claim that there are few places left where your kindness and friendly approach are far more important than the thickness of your wallet. Greeks realize that their cities are eternal cash cows (who in their right mind would not take advantage of it?) and you, dear traveler, must simply take it or leave it. There are still those tiny villages off the guidebook path where you're bound to experience as much cordiality as your stomachs can handle.