Kokomo Indiana

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Kokomo Indiana is an excellent choice for a vacation spot. Off the beaten track and away from the hustle and bustle of cities, it is a serene place to get away from it all. Kokomo is also rich in history and there a number of interesting attractions that you can visit.

Kokomo Indiana prides itself on being the first in America to achieve a number of industrial and manufacturing firsts. These include the first car, rubber tire, stainless steel, aerial bomb, metal life boat and transistor radio in cars. It was even the first place to produce canned tomato juice!

Given all the developments in the automotive industry that took place in this town it is no wonder that automobile museums are among its best attractions. Automotive pioneer Elwood Haynes was born in this car crazy city.

The first museum, the Kokomo Automobile Museum has cars dating back all the way to 1894. It is also Haynes former home and it has over a hundred vintage cars. Admission to the museum is relatively inexpensive at just $5 for adults. The other museum is dedicated to Elwood Haynes and it tells you all about him and how he came to invent the first automobile. Best of all, it won't cost you a thing to visit this one.

Another popular site to visit on Kokomo vacations is the Greentown Glass Museum. This place exhibits thousands of exquisite glass pieces. You can then head down to the Opalescent Glass Factory to see who glass is made. Art enthusiasts will love to visit the Art Centre which has free exhibitions of local artists. There is also the Art Gallery at Indiana University.

You can learn more about nature and wildlife in Kokomo Indiana at the Kirkendall Interpretive Nature Centre. The Highland Park is another place where you can enjoy the beauty of Kokomo wildlife and nature. Its most famous attraction is a majestic steer that has been around since 1902. There is even a taxidermist on hand to preserve and protect it.

History buffs will appreciate the Howard County Veterans Museum which pays tribute to the soldiers who have fought for their country. Serberling Mansion is another tourist site which draws the crowds because of its brilliant architecture and beautiful stained glass exhibits. Grand events like weddings and such are frequently held at the Sereberling Mansion owing to its ornate design and beautifully landscaped grounds.

This might not be one of the most popular destinations for families on vacation. However it has its charm and rewards. It is also a cost effective location to visit and has something for everyone. Kokomo Indiana is off the beaten track and it promises to be an interesting and different vacation for the whole family.


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