Alexis Hotel Jakarta

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Most people do not realise that Jakarta has one of the hottest party scenes around, Alexis Hotel Jakarta and a number of other great party spots really offer a great night out. Foreigners tend to assume that Indonesia is a strict and conservative country that is hard on drugs, frowns upon alcohol consumption and steers clear of bumping and grinding. While it is some of those things, the capital city of Jakarta is a whole lot more as well.

There is always a party going on somewhere, with alcohol and extras, if you know where to look. At these choice locations, the music is loud, the dancing is vigorous and the partying is wild. So if you are holidaying in Jakarta, here are some of the hippest hangouts that the city has to offer.

Boasting four themed dance floors that offer everything from drum and bass to techno, Stadium is a legend in the Jakarta nightlife scene. With some killer DJ's and a wild crowd, this club is a staple among the locals and foreigners alike.  Red Square is popular with the younger crowd, with sexy dancers, fantastic bartenders and table dancing this place can get very, very crowded. Word around the town is that this is one of the best bars to pick up chicks. BATS is another legendary spot in Jakarta, it boasts a relaxed atmosphere and an excellent live band.

If you are looking to catch a world famous DJ in action, head on over to the Dragonfly.  This trendsetting club is quickly becoming one of the best and most talked about it Asia thanks to the line up of fantastic spinners that they bring in at least twice a month. For a more cosmopolitan, sophisticated setting where you can lounge with a cocktail among the rich and beautiful, try Immigrant.

For something a little naughtier you might want to try the city's most famous strip club, Club 36. It's not an out and out strip club per say but the sexy go-go dancers do make it a point to lose their tops mid routine.

Alexis Hotel Jakarta is another spot for some cheeky fun.  The hotel markets itself as a dreamland for men, so you can just about gather what to expect. There is a whole lot of partying going on in their four different bars. The main draw is the Bath House Gentlemen Spa where the beautiful women keep the men coming back for more.

Some of the most talented local DJs are found at Centro which attracts the college going crowd. It is a great way to get into the local music scene, so a night out at Centro is a party and a cultural experience all in one. On Saturdays it's a gay haunt, so there really is something for everyone.

The Jakarta party scene is definitely something to write home about. From the kinky Hotel Alexis Jakarta to the all night raves at Stadium, the options are aplenty and the fun is just waiting for you!



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