Hotel Maharaja Jakarta

By trinue, July 20th 2010 in Jakarta Travel Guide Comments (2)

Hotel Maharaja Jakarta is the type of hotels recommended for those who wish for a cheap hotel, but with good conditions of accommodation. It is placed in the Jl Jaksa area, very close to the Gambir station and Monas (the national monument).

The entire area is filled with cheap hotels and lots of places where you can have a drink or eat. You'll get what you pay at a cheap hotel. Even if it is a 3 star hotel, only superior rooms at Hotel Maharaja Jakarta have air conditioning, so it will probably get very hot and, under these conditions, mosquitoes are likely to appear.

When you get checked in, we recommend you to give the room a round so that you're sure your demands are met and you get exactly what you have paid for. Unfortunately, this hotel does not have an online booking system, so you will have to call (62)(21)79180055, (62)(21)79180044, fax: (62)(21)7919 7409 to book a room.

As we have said in the beginning, this hotel has reasonable prices - a room costs 35 dollars per person.

The exact address is Jln. Pierre Tendean no 1, Jakarta 12790 but, to be sure you'll be able to find it, as Jakarta is a crowded city, you should take a cab, especially because they are not expensive, but you should be careful as the drivers will try to take many turns so that you should pay more than necessary.

The advantage of accommodating at Hotel Maharaja Jakarta is that you'll probably have more money for sightseeing, as you can easily make contact with the mystery that surrounds the city, filled with history; you will surely see it is a very cosmopolitan city, thanks to the Dutch and British rule under which it was for a while.

The hotel's 3 stars are not fairly won, as it cannot be compared with a similar hotel in Europe or the US. For example, the rooms do not have Internet connection and the furniture is pretty old, but the satellite TV works and also the bathroom.

Among advantages at Hotel Maharaja Jakarta we can mention its location - about 5 minutes away from the airport, a very useful thing when you're in a hurry. The hotel staff is pretty king but it will be hard for them to talk with anyone else than the receptionist, as they do not speak English.



  1. daria bondrekoo Jun 8, 2011 10:46 AM

    they have free internet connection now.. well its really cheap i like stay here and the people are really friendly..

  2. Peter Pickering Oct 12, 2011 2:26 AM

    I had a very bad experience there when staff stole from my room. I witnessed the hotel management handing police a brown bag containing cash to hush the matter up, and I never got my items back.

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