Jakarta Nightlife

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Unknown to the general public Jakarta has the best of parties to boast of. Many hotels including Jakarta nightlife, such as the Alexis Hotel, are a host to such parties offering entertainment into the night. In the eyes of foreigners Indonesia has strict laws against alcoholic drinks, drugs. It also disapproves of grinding and bumping activities. But still the capital city of Indonesia has a lot to be discovered.

With the right information you can always end up in a party full of booze and extras. At these locations you will get to be in a wild party with energetic dancing and loud songs. Thus these trendy hangouts offer you the full holiday experience provided you know how to have an eye to spot such ideal locations.

Daring four dance floors and offering varied genres of music the Stadium is iconic to Jakarta nightlife scene. The zippy DJ's along with a crazy crowd make it the first choice of both foreigners and local. The younger generation prefers the Red Square owing to its sensuous dancers and incredible bartenders. Obviously this place tends to get overcrowded to a great extent. There is an unsaid understanding in the city that you can hook up with girls here. So all those of you who are on the lookout for chicks, be sure you are here. Other than this there is renowned BATS which is well known for its relaxing atmosphere and awesome live performances by the band.

For those of you who are on the lookout for popular DJ's, Dragonfly is the place to be. The club is burgeoning in popularity across Asia due to the performances by amazing spinners that visit the city twice a month on a periodic basis. Though those interested in more sophisticated form of relaxing and enjoying at the same time can visit Immigrant, where you are bound to be in the company of the prettiest and wealthiest of people in Jakarta.

Those with a mischievous instinct can head out to Club 36, the most popular strip club in the Jakarta nightlife scene. Even though the strippers do not go to the highest level still the beautiful dancers go topless easily.

At the Alexis Hotel you are in for some serious fun. The hotel especially caters to the needs of men. All four bars have a partying atmosphere all the time. The most frequently used service happens to be the Bath House Gentlemen Spa where pretty women make men want more of it all.

In Jakarta majority of the college going students are found at Centro, the centre of activity where all talented DJ's can be found. A night in Centro will make you come to terms with the native music scenario. And even gays come looking for other like them so Jakarta has something to offer to everyone.

Jakarta is the dream destination for all the party goers. Be it the sensuous Alexis Hotel Jakarta or the magnificent nights at the stadium there is a lot to choose from. have fun !


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