Málaga Travel Guide

Photo by teclasorg


There are plenty of reasons why people swarm this Spanish port town. An enviable location at the shimmering blue Mediterranean with mountainous backdrop, the blessing of sunshine and a spectacular quality of light, Pablo Picasso's (the city's son) controversial spirit hovering over  its narrow old streets and wide, lively boulevards and well preserved historic architecture to please the eye of a sophisticated sightseer. Malaga's also a great place to eat out. The Malagueños love their food and so will you instantly taking to tapas and pescaito frito, a delicious selection of small fried fish best relished with a glass of ice cold fino at one of the many old fashioned, highly atmospheric bodegas in town. And there are golf courses, many of them, so many that Malaga is often dubbed "The Costa del Golf". And yes, there are beaches, too. No time wasted, grab your club and your bathing suit and off you go.