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Manila is the capital of Philippines and among the 17 cities that makes up the Manila Metropolitan area. It is behind Quezon City in its population and ranks second largest in the Philippines. It is not only known for being a tourism hub but also has a frantic pace of life due to its heavy population. 

Hotels here can come in all price ranges and finding a high class five star establishment as well as a cheap hotel in Manila is a piece of cake, and here in Manila, what you see is indeed what you get. 

Manila is a very interesting city with six legislative districts and sixteen geographical ones, namely Paco, Pandacan, San Andres, San Miguel, San Nicolas, Santa Ana, Santa Cruz, Santa Mesa, Tondo, Sampaloc, Quiapo, Malate, Ermita, Binondo, Intramuros. It is well known for its commerce and is historically and culturally rich with many iconic landmarks.

Manila initially became the centre of Spanish settlement and it sits over alluvial deposits of the Pasig River and some of its land has been reclaimed from what was previously Manila Bay. It was called the pearl of the orient earlier and is headed by a mayor.

Manila features wet and dry climates which are tropical and has tropical monsoons. It has an excellent harbor that is well protected and it has a lot of manufacturing units in chemicals, electronic goods, textiles and clothing. Iron and steel, watches, shoes and leather goods are also cheaply available here.

If you are looking for cheap accommodation or a cheap hotel in Manila you will not be disappointed, for budget hotels flourish here and you can find one to suit your pockets. Manila is well known for its incredible hospitality.  Whatever you need you can find it here in Manila and it has wonderful iconic places every traveler must visit.

The largest part of its population is Roman Catholic and Manila's diversity is reflected in the numerous places of worship all over the city. Since it has been a republic, citizens have had freedom of worship allowing its huge population of diverse individuals to build and have their own places of worship with absolutely no restrictions.

Manila cheap hotels can also be home stays or small hotels with very comfortable rooms and breakfast. It is also possible to find a cheap hotel in Manila through paying guest services if you plan to stay there for a month or more for business, study or travel.



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