Melbourne to Sydney Train

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The Railcorp, through the CountryLink, or what was earlier known as the State Rail Authority of New South Wales, runs XPT trains everyday from Melbourne to Sydney. If you are interested in a Melbourne to Sydney train journey do note that two trains run on this route every day, one during the day and the other, during the night.

At Melbourne, you could arrive or depart from two rail stations, the Central and the Southern Cross, which were earlier known as the Spencer Store Cross Station and the Sydney Central.

The XPT trains run at an average speed of hundred miles per hour, and are fully air conditioned. The services offered by these trains are of two kinds, first class and economy class, with reclining seats.

Both offer the same legroom space, and are both exactly the same, except that once the economy class is full, the first class seats are the only option left. The first and economy class trains actually come with a buffet-bar attached.

The sleeping cars are offered only for the overnight Melbourne to Sydney train journeys. Only one sleeping car with two berth rooms is available. One would have to pre-book for this service if they want to use the sleeping berths.

The sleeping space is converted from a sofa and hence, upper and lower berth areas are created. The additional facilities available in the Melbourne to Sydney train are the hot shower and a toilet, which will have to be shared between adjacent compartments.

The Melbourne to Sydney train journey costs about ninety one Australian dollars during low season, and about one hundred and thirty during the peak season of travel, for the economy class. For the first class, the rates between the low season are about one hundred and twenty eight dollars, and during the peak season would be about one hundred and eighty three dollars. Similarly the sleeper class would cost about two hundred and sixteen Australian dollars, and two hundred and seventy one dollars, for a prime time sleeper class ticket.

The Melbourne to Sydney train has the best of the services that CountryLink can offer. There is a buffet car, which also serves some of the best Australian brands of wines, and serves food, which is available as a la carte, or as part of menus. Alcohol cannot be purchased on board the train, and cannot be even consumed on the train. Telephone and first aid services are all available at the buffet reception.



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