Namibia Travel Guide

Photo by geoftheref


If you ever run out of photography ideas, head for Namibia. In this surreal realm of contrasts and colors you'll soon experience your very own shooting frenzy. Here, the golden-red sand dunes stretch for 150 kilometers and rise up to 300 meters bewildering with their wind-sculpted forms and kaleidoscopic spectrum. In the Namibian "photographer's dream come true" wild landscapes of craggy mountains, empty deserts, stunning game reserves and colonial cities are enough to guarantee a National Geographic award. Just frame, focus and press the right button.

This south-west African country is an adventure hard to resist. Although quite inhospitable if you think of the rough wind-swept expanse of thornbush-clad savannah, there is yet a comfy road network to take you to the most exciting of sights. If you take a peek from behind the bushy spots, there are countless rusty shipwrecks all along the Namib desert to strike the military explorer chord in you, the wildlife-rich Etosha National Park to stalk a lion or two or the capital Windhoek and its German colonial past to cool you off with some European wind puffs. Tourists trickle here for the best game reserves, too - be it the 20,000- square- kilometer Etosha or other, private and national, conservation areas covering more than 15 % of the entire country. And again, your camera is sure to go wild pic shooting trying to freeze lions, elephants and Co. against Makalani palms and Baobabs background.

In Namibia you'll feel a lot of Western European touch. Once governed by Germany in the colonial times, the country still retains plenty of period architecture, stunning buildings in the Wilhelmian style being a good example, roads and rest camps - all pretty well-maintained. It's Africa but with a distinct European flavor. Today, Namibia enjoys peaceful and prosperous times thanks to its mining, farming, fishing and tourism industries. All of this, coupled with comfortable tourist infrastructure and breathtaking vistas, place this land among best African holiday destinations.