Bikaner House Delhi

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Bikaner is a historic city located North-West of Rajasthan and, one of the best and cheapest ways to get there would be by catching a bus from Bikaner House Delhi. Bikaner is primarily a desert state covered in sand dunes. It prides itself as being the location for some of the best camel riding in the world, hence the moniker camel country.

The capital city of New Delhi is a great base for an Indian adventure. This is because most cheap international flights are into the capital and there is also an extensive and organised transportation system to take you from the capital to any corner of India.  Sure flying is an option for getting around in India but the experience won't be the same as watching the scenery change from the window of a bus or train.

The Volvo buses that leave from Bikaner House Delhi are very well maintained and affordable. On the spot booking are possible so, it can accommodate any travel plan. The Bikaner House Delhi is located very close to the India gate and has the reputation of being a trustworthy and timely bus service. It also acts as the gateway to places like Jaipur and Bikaner.

Bikaner is world renowned for being a camel riding destination. These ships of the desert are an integral part to every aspect of life in Bikaner. They are a means of transporting materials, food and water to this desert city.

Bikaner's strategic location was key to its development and success as a city. It held a prime location along the ancient caravan route from Central and West Asia, making it a trading hotspot. Its elevated location also made it a significant tool in times of warfare and strife, with forts being built at prime locations. Some of these are still standing today and are great tourist spots. The imposing Jungarah Fort is one such example. The fort boasts some exquisite and intricate stone carvings. There are also handprints on the walls to commemorate the wives of fallen soldiers who committed sati or self immolation on the funeral pyres of their husbands.

There is also the Lalgarh Palace which has a great collection of artefacts and belongings from several Rajasthani maharajahs. A few kilometres away is the royal chatri of Devi Kund, these domed structures are quite magnificent to look at and photograph.

The nearby Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is worth a visit, it is a protected reserve which can only be accessed by renting a vehicle from the Gajner Palace Hotel. Outside of the main Bikaner town, there is the Shiv Bari Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is relatively quiet as it is off the tourist trail. The architecture and atmosphere make it worth your while and, it is on the way to a camel breeding farm where you can learn loads about these humped creatures.

So if you want to have the best camel ride of your life catch a bus out of Bikaner House Delhi and ride straight into the camel country!


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