Paris Travel Guide

Photo by untipografico


Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, Centre Pompidou, and Moulin Rouge - they have been photographed so many times that first-time visitors invariably experience a jolt of recognition. But there's something that even a world-class photographer can't have captured, and it is only here that you get a real insight into the magic of the iconicized ‘City of Light'. For Paris is all about the moment. It's about evesdropping on a heated cafe conversation, trudging across Champ de Mars in a pouring rain when suddenly the Tower floods the night with millions of twinkling lights, cursing that French who parked his damn car so close to yours, queuing in front of Louvre for hours to come up with your own theory about the curious smile of Mona Lisa, and retiring home with the memories of romance along the Seine and a firm intention to return as soon as possible.