Paris Tourist Office

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Paris Tourist Office provides you with comprehensive information about tourism in Paris, along with the various facilities, which you can avail here.

Paris is one of those unique cities in the world, which has a lucrative tourism market, and there are plenty of activities lined up for you, over here. There are plenty of hotels in the city of Paris, and you can get complete information about them, from the Paris Tourist Office.

As both luxury and budget hotels are available in the city of Paris, you have ample choices in front of you. You can follow the hotel guide, which is available in the tourist office, and select from the available list.

A holiday seems to be incomplete, if you do not gorge on your favorite food. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes, which you can visit. There are tea rooms, ice cream parlors, bistros, open air cafes, brasseries and wine lounges, which you can step into, with your friends and family. Some of the restaurants in Paris offer you communal tables, which can be booked in advance.

The Arriere Cuisine Restaurant is a place which offers you communal table bookings. There are some classical restaurants in Paris, which offer you delectable French cuisine, and the Paris Tourist Office provides you with all the information about them.

The city of Paris is replete with museums and art galleries, which house some of the best paintings and sculptures, since the time of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo.

The Quai Branly (Musee Du) is one of the most famous museums of the city. It has collection of paintings from France, Africa and Asia. It has a beautiful garden, which is spread over a large area. The Louvre museum and art galleries are some of the most artistic places to visit.

The Paris Tourist Office also provides you with all the details about what happens here from time to time. There are various events related to music, sports, cinema, theatre and trade shows which take place in Paris. You can stay updated about these events, and even book your tickets for them, from the tourist office.

Since Paris is renowned for its fashion industry, you can get lots of information from the tourist office, about where you can buy your favorite goods. You can get the latest update about the various available brands, and their stores, from the Paris Tourist Office.


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    it was really clean and frnldiey, and in an area with a lot of nightlife and i know they have private rooms. rooms were like 25 a night, a little bit pricier than some of the others, but if that means there aren't bugs in the showers and broken toilets, then i guess it's worth it

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