San Marino Travel Guide

San Marino
Photo by fdecomite


The Most Serene Republic of San Marino. You can't exactly tell when you leave Italy and enter the Republic... at least there's no arrivederci or benvenuto sign. A popular day-trip destination, for many Italians San Marino is a mere duty free shopping hub with assortment ranging from perfume through guns to alcohol. A walk along the main street of the capital takes a lot of assertiveness if you don't want to end up tipsy. If you do, grab the liquor-tasting opportunities to your heart's content. A funny thing about this tiny enclave is that despite being commercialized to the bone, it remains charming even with hordes of weekenders streaming along cobblestoned streets or chattering over a glass of wine at busy restaurants, let alone when they're all gone and the place is as serene as the name implies.

The streets fill with the smell of pizza and basil, but the breeze carrying the aroma cools you gently thanks to San Marino's hilltop position. Once in the capital, take a picture with the Guard of the Rock and climb Monte Titano adorned with Three Towers erected on each of its summits. The architecture may not be inspirational but the views are truly stunning. There's a whole lot of religious sites to explore, too, including San Marino Cathedral, Church of St. Antimo in Borgo Maggiore, and Votive Chapel St. Marino in Baldasserona as the most worthwhile spots.

Depending on how much time you're left with, do some shopping, have a decent plate of pasta, or just feast your eyes with the scenery.