Ferry Stockholm Helsinki

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Taking a ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki is a very cost effective way to travel that is still fun! The Ferry Stockholm Helsinki route offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing ride aboard one of the many Tallink Silja Line Ferries.

Silja Line offers travelers and area residents 7 different ferry routes. With 18 ferries total in the fleet, Silja Line offers guests the best in comfortable and hassle free travel. One of the largest ferry operaters in all of Europe, Silja Line services more than 7 million passengers annually. Offering either a mini cruise experience or just normal ferry transportation, Silja Lines is the perfect solution for all travelers in the Baltic Sea region.

The Silja Line Ferry Stockholm Helsinki route offers 7 sailings weekly. The crossing takes approximately 16 hours. Because of the length of this journey, guests are sure to appreciate the comfort provided by the Silja Ferry Line.

It is important to the Silja Line that every guest has the best possible experience, both onboard and before the journey. In order to ensure this, here are a few tips. Guests should book their ferry tickets well in advance. Especially for a journey of this length it is important to ensure passage aboard the ferry that departs the desired day and time. By booking ahead guests can ensure this.

It is also a good idea to avoid school and international holidays. Ticket prices increase quite a lot during these popular travel times. By avoiding these times guests save money.

Guests should also consider departing in the late evening or early morning. Though these times are less convenient, they are also less sought after. Ticket prices are lower, saving the traveler money. A minor inconvenience can save the traveler money as well as the hassle of an overcrowded ferry.

Also a good idea is traveling only on weekdays. Though most travelers want to travel on the weekend, the higher demand for tickets causes them to be more expensive. By traveling on the weekdays only guests ensure they are getting the best prices possible for the ferry route they need to fulfill their travel plans.

For those travelers looking to make the crossing on the Ferry Stockholm Helsinki route, there are many options available. Taking one of the 7 departures the Silja Line offers every week ensures the guest will get the best in comfortable travel and price.


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