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By Kapetmaaya, March 17th 2010 in Travel Guides Comments (3)

Go now vacations or last minute vacations are a popular way to take a dream vacation and save money at the same time. Some of the travel agencies offer from 40-50% off of regular prices. You can get some great hotels, flights, car rentals, and activities by giving at least thirty days notice at some agencies, and up to 90 days at another. All deals are subject to availability.

Travel agencies that offer last minute deals offer the best deals and keeps it updated at all times. If you have a flexible schedule and can go right away, you could possibly save more than the 40-50%. Sometimes the airlines see they are going to have several empty seats on a certain flight to a destination, so they offer a great price. The travel agency can put this together with a hotel at the same destination and get an all inclusive package after finding out what you want.

The agent will include the activities you choose, such as a ballgame with a certain team or a theme park your kids are dying to go to, and he will find out the kind of sports, recreation and activities you like to do. If a rental car will be needed he will include that in your all inclusive package. A lot of times there will be coupons available for selected activities and restaurants. They will work putting together the best package possible for you to save you the most money.

The top destinations for go now vacations are California, Caribbean, Florida, Las Vegas and Mexico. There are number of destinations and variety in what you want in a vacation so there is something for everyone. The top hotels are Choice Hotels, Disney Hotels, Holiday Inns, Marriott Hotels and the Sheraton and Westin Hotels. The top interests are all inclusive, beach, last minute, ‘Romantic and skiing.

If you are interested in taking a go now vacation, the easiest way to see what is available is to look up last minute, or go now vacations. There you will put in where your destination will be. If you are driving they can get you really good packages, excluding the flight. Next you put in when you want to go, the length of time and how many people.

Then you will put in what hotels you want to stay at and the activities you want included in your package. You can go ahead and make your reservation and save a lot of money by waiting until close to time to go.

Be sure if you are using the internet to make sure it is a known agency and that the references check out. Check out several websites to get the best deal. You can also use an agent to handle this, which is good because they do know a lot about what the rates are.

Some deals that are too good to be true might be just what you are waiting for and you can take advantage of it with go now vacations.



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