United States Travel Guide

United States
Photo by Wolfgang Staudt

United States OVERVIEW

Multiple pairs of eyes peer through the darkness, eager to discern a vague, spiky contour in the distance. Meanwhile, dozens of illegal, desperate runaways  try to flash across the Mexican border. America. The land of plenty, a long-yearned refuge for the persecuted, the "to be or not to be" of budding entrepreneurs, and a dream come true of aspiring would-be stars.

In its relatively short history, this melting pot of a country has given a welcome to more immigrants than any other community the world over, which accounts for its stunning socio-cultural diversity, multilingual chatter and a unique blend of mentalities over the third largest territory on the globe. 51 in no terms comparable states held firmly together by the common ideals of freedom, democracy, and egalitarianism make the US a delicious multi-flavored dish that there's no way to be fed up with .

Should you be willing to follow in the footsteps of the pioneers, set off from the east coast and explore the highly urbanized strip ranging from divine, palm-lined Miami, through Atlanta, once a witness of the abolitionist strife, now a fast-growing business hub, to cosmopolitan, sleepless New York and academic heavy Boston. Alternatively, stop by at Philadelphia, a centerpiece of the American Independence, linger over a glass of Jack Daniels in country-rock Nashville, or simply proceed further into the mainland to explore the prairie and steppe of the once bison-ruled Great Plains, the sky-scraping Rocky Mountains with volcanic Yellowstone as a prime destination, and most importantly, the fiery, awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, which is bound to be an experience marking a clear line in your life between what you thought was magnificence and how you perceive its essence afterwards. Having seen Colorado Valley, you can hardly be surprised by what's left to see along the West Coast. Yet, it seems unthinkable to venture that far and back out without blowing a couple of bucks in Las Vegas or indulging in juicy Californian oranges right there on the spot.

The history of this vast and picturesque country has seen both glorious and tragic events: the persecution of Native Americans, shameful age of slavery, infamous military interventions and the terror of McCarthyism along the creation of economic world power, significant contributions to literature, let alone music and the movie industry. It all shaped contemporary America - a nation of self-made, resilient people, descendants of Jefferson, heirs of Hemingway, Marilyn Monroe lovers, and plastic surgery addicts.