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Are all Korean men obliged to join the army?

Abuse #1 14 Jun 2010, 16:32

Join Date: Jun 2010 Posts: 1 Trips: 0
Are all Korean men obliged to join the army? Especially the ones who are from South Korea?

Abuse #2 21 Jun 2010, 04:41

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First, men may choose to join the Navy, Marines, or Air Force, if they do this they maybe obligate to spend a little more time in the military. There are some exceptions also for joining the military. Men may join the Police instead. In addition, if they are not full physical fit, they may do a government job also. In addition, if you are not mentally or physical able you can get a deferment and get out of military/federal service. Finally, if you do something of national important or that give the South Korean Government wonderful recognitions you can also get out of military service. An example of this is when the Men’s Baseball Team won the Gold medal; all the men were excused from military service.

Abuse #3 17 Jul 2010, 19:26

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Yes, in South Korean men do for 21 months. They must report before 30th birthday. Unless you have a health problem at the consent of the doctor. Only criminals don't go.

Abuse #4 01 Aug 2010, 14:40

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Yes, they are obliged. The men in Korea feel that if they do not do their 'part' in the community, they cannot be called men.
It is required of at least 2 years. You can think of it as some sort of CAT or something like that but it's not as bad as other countries where women must also take part.

Abuse #5 04 Aug 2010, 01:40

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Philly left out a few things. Yes, they get a choice of Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine. Yes, some can do riot police (and I've heard rumours of firefighting as well) instead of military service. Some that have skills or jobs of civic importance can be excused (been a few cases of singers/actors getting "hired" to do that kind of job to get out of it, they all got caught at sent back to the Army). Actions of national pride/importance can also excuse them of service, as Philly mentioned with the sports team getting the gold medal. PhD students at KAIST are also exempt from service. Those deemed medically unfit for service are also exempt from service. And finally, any man that lives in the DMZ (there is one village on each side) is exempt from service (must have been born there, and live there year round). There is one other way, serve your 26 months in jail. but generally not the best way. Generally those with religious reasons against military service are allowed another form of federal service or put into non-combat roles in the military, but there have been some that took jail time for refusing to serve.
There are a few other, special, cases but those are exceptions and not set rules.
Another note, anyone who is a natural born Korean citizen (even if they don't claim it, all it takes is one parent having been a Korean citizen) must do their service before Korea will recognize that they have given up their citizenship. This means that if they enter Korea, for a period exceeding 180 consecutive days, between the ages of 18-35 (inclusive) they will be drafted.

Abuse #6 25 Aug 2010, 16:55

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In the north, I think they also have to join the army,
In South korea, all boys with a south korean passport (well men.) have to go to the army and serve atleast 2 years. (my brother has a british passport so he doesnt have to go unless he choses to)
That is unless you have illness/disabilities.
You go once you finish your education, so at all times after university, but if you keep studying till you are like 40, you dont end up going.
I heard a while back that if your an english teacher, the president said that you had the choice of not going to the army because you need to teach people english O_O or maybe thats just a rumour i heard hahahahahahaha.

Abuse #7 09 Mar 2011, 06:54

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Well since you said "especially the ones who are from S.K" Im guessing you dont know that North korea and South korea are apart. Anyways I am not sure from North korea since N.K is communist and South korea is decromatic country (free)
To answer your question in south korea yes all men thats around 18-35 are obliged to join the army for at least 2 years cause they are afraid that they are going to have a war with North Korea so basically they just want theere males to be prepared to any kind of war with north korea.