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Are dogs allowed on Metro subway in DC?

Abuse #1 08 Jun 2010, 15:33

Join Date: Jun 2010 Posts: 1 Trips: 0
I will have two small dogs with me to DC to see the cherry blossom trees.
But i was wondering if it's allowed to bring them in on Metro subway?

Abuse #2 19 Jul 2010, 07:51

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Abuse #3 05 Aug 2010, 04:56

Join Date: Aug 2010 Posts: 1 Trips: 0
BUT IF THEIR REALLY SMALL YOU MAY BE ABLE TO SNEAK THEm in your purse or a bag you may have if you really want to
Sorry about the caps but i realized it when i was almost finished and didn't feel like redoing it

Abuse #4 06 Aug 2010, 10:32

Join Date: Aug 2010 Posts: 3 Trips: 0
Absolutely not. Dogs are not allowed on the Metro unless they're service dogs (Seeing eye dogs). The only people who can have dogs on the Metro are the blind and the Metro Transit Police.

Abuse #5 07 Aug 2010, 14:18

Join Date: Aug 2010 Posts: 3 Trips: 0
First of all, let's be straight up with a big fat NO!
They tried that.Someone brought a rottweiler; chomped a guy's leg right off. ;) .
Second, if you could, some idiot would probably "HURT" you if they barked or, even worse, "disposed of their wastes" on them.
Point is, people on the metro are dogs. Just think what dogs would be; dead as a doornail.

Abuse #6 08 Aug 2010, 20:24

Join Date: Aug 2010 Posts: 2 Trips: 0
Only service dogs are allowed.