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Dental Cost Saudi Arabia Al khobar?

Abuse #1 21 May 2010, 22:01

Join Date: May 2010 Posts: 2 Trips: 0
I am an Indian. I do like to have a dental visit.Can u please suggest some good dental clinics and ofcourse their RATES.

Abuse #2 16 Jul 2010, 13:31

Join Date: Jul 2010 Posts: 1 Trips: 0
It depends on the hospital and the clinics
If you have Company healthcare card it will be good,Pls use below web link might be helpful for you
Saad Hospital in Khobar has a high reputation for Dental and Medical treatment.
Almana General Hospital
Head Office cell phone: +966 3 8948300
Al Khobar
P.O. Box 311, Prince Talal street, Al Khobar 31952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone: +966 3 8987000, Fax: +966 3 8980694

Abuse #3 01 Oct 2010, 05:02

Join Date: Apr 2010 Posts: 3 Trips: 0
I go to MDC "Modern Dental Clinic"
Its just 1 block south of the huge intersection of king abdullaziz road and pepsi road intersection. its just beside the green gasoline station there.
I think it costs 50riyals for a first visit and file. then they will tell you what each procedure costs there after.
I found it through several American friends in Aramco (cause Aramco dental is really really expensive) and many of my friends wanted something more reasonable fee wise. I went there, my husband and children now go. and Ive even went through a years worth of braces to straighten my teeth.
The clinic is small, but clean and current and region of the art modern equipment.
Phone# 867-1828
I went to Almana hosp dental clinic and was so dissatisfied. I had a filing fall out 3 times from them. (also my son) and they finally said, we'd have to just pull it. Well I didnt want it pulled, and went to MDC and they saved my tooth.