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Do I need any visa to visit Puerto Rico?

Abuse #1 16 Dec 2011, 20:48

Join Date: Jun 2010 Posts: 1 Trips: 0
I am South Korean who is holding US visa student.
That means I am studying in US school now.
I am planning to visit my girlfriend who is in Puerto Rico this month for a week, but I am just wondering do I need more visa to go there.
Based on searching in the internet, it says "Citizen of South Korean does not need Puerto Rico tourist visa as long as he/she stays up to 90 days."
However, I am still worried what if it is not true.
So, do I need more visa to go to Puerto Rico?

Abuse #2 18 Dec 2011, 07:50

Join Date: Jun 2010 Posts: 1 Trips: 0
Depending on the website you read it, why don't you believe it? Puerto Rico does not have its own immigration officers or separate immigration rules from the US - for lack of a better term, it is the USA and you can go there just like you can stay where you are.

Abuse #3 19 Dec 2011, 21:45

Join Date: Aug 2010 Posts: 3 Trips: 0
From USA to Puerto Rico or from Puerto Rico to USA no visa is required.

Abuse #4 23 Jan 2012, 14:21

Join Date: May 2010 Posts: 3 Trips: 0
Puerto Rico is actually a U.S. territory; all you need is your passport with the U.S. F/J visa.https://help.Cbp.Gov/app/answers/detail/… .http://www.Tsa.Gov/travelers/airtravel/a… .

Abuse #5 27 Jan 2012, 00:31

Join Date: May 2010 Posts: 1 Trips: 0
Visiting Puerto Rico is like visiting any of the 50 regions of United States. You do not need visa but they want to see that you are legal in United States,with state or student ID is good. If you passport much better.

Abuse #6 03 Feb 2012, 19:07

Join Date: Aug 2010 Posts: 2 Trips: 0
YOu should be OK. Puerto Rico IS considered AMERICA and if you have a VISA for the USA then you have a VISA for Puerto Rico
Here is all the CURRENT passport/visa information you could ever use DIRECT from the U.S. GOVERNMENT. If you have a QUESTION about passports or overseas trip for Amerikans. THIS IS THE vacation spot TO LOOK IT UPhttp://travel.State.Gov/
For people needing a TRANSIT VISA, here is the latest information on that.
The United States have suspended the Transit Without Visa Program after 9/11. Anybody who needs a visa to travel to the United States also needs one for transit through a U.S. airport. Exempted are:
• U.S. citizen; U.S. Lawful Permanent Residents (Green Card holders); U.S. B1/B2 visa holders
• citizen of countries who are exempt from the visa requirement (Bermuda, Canada, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau)
Citizens of all other countries either need to get a U.S. C-1 transit visa [processing price: $140] prior to travel or need to apply for an online travel authorization (ESTA) if they hold a passport of 36 selected countries which participate on the U.S. Visa Waiver Program. Those are: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Czech Republic¹, Denmark, Estonia¹, Finland, France, Germany, Greece¹, Hungary¹, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia¹, Liechtenstein, Lithuania¹, Luxembourg, Malta¹, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia¹, Slovenia, South Korea¹, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
[¹ = e-passport required].
The ESTA application involves a fee of $14 to be paid by credit card [MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover (JCB, Diners Club)]. Payments can also be made with a debit card that holds the MasterCard or VISA symbol. In the address column just enter "In transit to Bermuda".https://esta.Cbp.Dhs.Gov/esta/esta.Html .https://help.Cbp.Gov/app/answers/detail/… .http://germany.Usembassy.Gov/visa/niv/vi… .