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How much are Tolls from Baltimore, MD to Long Island, NY?

Abuse #1 23 Jul 2012, 17:35

Join Date: Jul 2010 Posts: 1 Trips: 0
I am going to New York this weekend and I am unsure how much cash to bring for Tolls.
I'm starting in Towson, MD and will end up in Hempstead, NY. Does anyone know about how much cash I should bring for going there and back?

Abuse #2 24 Jul 2012, 22:58

Join Date: May 2010 Posts: 4 Trips: 0
The NJ Turnpike website has a toll calculator, enter where you'd be getting on (at the southern end in your case), and where you'd get off (I'd suggest either the Outerbridge Crossing or Goethals Bridge and go through Staten Island).
That's one way on the NJ Turnpike. When going to Long Island, add $12 cash for the Goethals Bridge or Outerbridge Crossing on your way to Long Island, and on the way back to Baltimore add $13 cash for the Verrazano Bridge. The Goethals and Outerbridge only charge a toll going into Staten Island from NJ, not going back into NJ. And the Verrazano only charges going into Staten Island from Brooklyn, no toll going to Brooklyn. And there's far less congestion through Staten Island than if you went across the GW Bridge and through the Bronx.

Abuse #3 26 Jul 2012, 01:55

Join Date: Aug 2010 Posts: 3 Trips: 0
New Yorker is right but he forgot about several tolls. It's $3 southbound on the Delaware Memorial Bridge, $4 each way on I-95 in Delaware, and $6 northbound on I-95 in Maryland.
Add that to about $10 on the NJ Turnpike, and the Staten Island tolls and I'd allow $35 each way.

Abuse #4 29 Jul 2012, 16:29

Join Date: Jul 2010 Posts: 3 Trips: 0
Heck, none of the above answers is complete. The Delaware Memorial Bridge toll has been $4 for months and months now. (See how you can't rely on any toll calculation websites but the state-run sites?)
No one mentioned bypass routes, and these are important now that the NJTA and PANYNJ are under the delusion that people's money grows on trees.
1. From Towson you can head for US-1 and use that in a variety of ways to bypass the $6 I-95 toll in Maryland, but it will cost you in terms of time and brakes. Probably not worth the effort.
2. Approaching the Delaware border coming from MD, take the last exit before the border, cross into Delaware via MD-279, and use DE-896 to get back on 95 beyond the $4 toll booth for the DE Turnpike.
3. Once back on I-95, you have a choice on which way to avoid the over-priced NJ Turnpike on the way to New York.
3a. Either take I-95 through Philly and onto US-1 and stay on that for 50 miles' worth of traffic lights (a good idea probably late at night only), *or*
3b. Take I-95 through Philly and into Ewing, NJ where you swing around to pick up I-295 to I-195 E to the NJ Turnpike (toll rates will be reduced in this way), *or*
3c. Take an easier way: 95 > 295 > 195 > NJ Turnpike > Outerbridge Crossing into Staten Island. The last alternative is the best balance of time and money.