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Is Osoyoos, BC a good place to live?

Abuse #1 25 Feb 2011, 12:59

Join Date: Apr 2010 Posts: 4 Trips: 0
You might know, from some of my previous questions, that my mother and I want to move.
I came across Osoyoos and thought it looked really great and looked like something my mom and I would want as a place to live. It looks like a place I would like a lot. (I'm 14, going into Grade 9 after the summer ends in a couple weeks). Is Osoyoos a good place for teenagers?
I saw that it is only about 5 minutes to the US Border! :)
They have a yoga studio, a dance studio, a bowling alley, some small shops, a beautiful lake, (apparently the warmest one in.Canada, I think? But it is definately the warmest in BC), umm.They have a water park, a recreation centre, a movie theatre in Oliver which is like 20 minutes drive away. It's also about 1 hour drive to Penticton, which is a pretty big city.What else does Osoyoos have? :)
Do you think that a 14 year old girl, and her mother would like it in Osoyoos? :)
Are the people there nice? I know they have hot summers and mild winters.Yaaaay! haha :D
Is the highschool education there good? Is there a lot of crime? I really hope not, please for there not to be!
And, the 3 most important things about moving to a new place, 1. Are the suites/condos/apartments nice and affordable? I came across one that seemed afforable ($1000/month.It's in my mom's budget).And sounded nice.Didn't see a picture though.But it WAS in the Osoyoos Times, so I'm going to trust it :) . And number 2.(this one is super important), 2. Do they have good and enjoyable jobs there? My mom is a Certified General Accountant, with like 20 years of accounting experience, and she is looking for an Accounting Manager (Controller) job for a business.NOT A BANK! She does not know how to manage a bank. Only businesses. And mountains. Her job right now is an accountant for a mountain. And it must have good pay; well it obviously will, lol, Accounting Managers/Controllers make a good amount of money. (She needs to make At Least $60,000 yearly, and Enjoy What She Does.Which is being an Accounting Manager/Controller of a business). And finally. 3. Easy for me to make lots of friends.Are the teenagers nice? I'm not thaaattt shy, I can open up to people, and once they get to know me, I talk a lot! :D
Thanks for reading and hopefully answering the bunch of questions I wrote above. Thank youuu, thank youuuu, thank youuu! I really appreciate all of your opinions. :)

Abuse #2 02 Mar 2011, 18:13

Join Date: Jul 2010 Posts: 4 Trips: 0
If I was a teenager, I don't think I'd want to live there. I'm retired and I don't want to live there. I considered it. I've passed through it dozens of times. I'm sure it's a pleasant place to live but it didn't appeal to me. It's pretty small, and it's not close to anywhere else, not close to any major shopping. Not far, but not close, and you have to go through a mountain pass each way to get out of the place. One isn't bad but the other can be tough in winter. Sure, it's close to the US border, but from that border it's pretty far to any larger town in the US. Closest place of any size is Spokane. It's very popular with retired people because of the climate. Lively in the summer with all the visitors, much quieter in winter. No malls, all the shopping is pretty much along about 5 blocks of the main street, which is the highway through town. Much too hot in summer for me, too. The lake may be warm but it's kind of murky looking.

Abuse #3 10 Mar 2011, 03:38

Join Date: May 2010 Posts: 2 Trips: 0
It's a nice little town. Kind of isolated though, and yes, you have to cross mountain passes to get to shopping. The roads into town are nasty in winter.
It seems pretty friendly, though as Vancouver will teach you, superficial friendliness does not necessarily translate into easy friendships.
Your mom could find a job there though she'd probably need to be self-employed (ie, run her own business). It is a small town so it's questionable whether there would be enough business there to make that sort of money. (certainly in the larger towns it's very possible to make that much money as a CGA without too much effort.
On that note, if she wasn't trained in British Columbia she will have to get certified there. Accounting certifications are administered at the provincial level, though it's a pretty simple conversion interprovincially.

Abuse #4 17 Mar 2011, 05:34

Join Date: Aug 2010 Posts: 2 Trips: 0
Osoyoos is a great place - it's close to the US border, but there's not much on the other side, just very small towns. What is more interesting from a teen point of view, is that you are fairly close to Kelowna and Penticton, which are much larger and very lively places.
But as far as a job for you mom - Osoyoos is a small town. I'm not sure she'd be able to find something in the wage bracket she wants. Perhaps you'd both do better to look at Penticton, Vernon, Kelowna or even Kamloops.