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Where can we visit without a passport ? (Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc.)?

Abuse #1 23 Jul 2010, 21:18

Join Date: Jul 2010 Posts: 1 Trips: 0
I'd like to take my family to a nice beach getaway but don't want to get passports, etc. for Aruba, Cancun.
So since I think the bahamas is a U.S. territory, we can go there without a passport. Is this right ?
Are there other spots we can go to a NICE beach with corals? without a passport ?
Are those places safe ?

Abuse #2 10 Aug 2010, 04:51

Join Date: Aug 2010 Posts: 2 Trips: 0
You need a passport to fly outside the US your best bet might be Peurto Rico (a US territory)

Abuse #3 20 Aug 2010, 03:32

Join Date: Aug 2010 Posts: 1 Trips: 0
You need a passport for anywhere outside the United regions of America, so you will need a passport for Cancun Mexico or Aruba.
You don't need a passport for any United States state or territory. so that pretty much limits you to places like Florida, Hawaii, . but don't forget American Samoa, Guam, the Marianas, Puerto Rico, and yes, the U.S. Virgin Islands (St Croix, St John & St Thomas).

Abuse #4 01 Sep 2010, 15:17

Join Date: Mar 2010 Posts: 1 Trips: 0
You must have a passport to enter the USA if you are a citizen ( only illegals are not required to have one) and the Bahamas is not a US territory.

Abuse #5 13 Sep 2010, 13:47

Join Date: Sep 2010 Posts: 2 Trips: 0
You can visit Vieques isle and Culebra- flamingo beach in Puerto Rico
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Abuse #6 20 Jan 2011, 19:58

Join Date: Apr 2010 Posts: 1 Trips: 0
You don't need a passport to visit Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is lovely, but if you want to see wonderful beaches go to Culebra island. Culera, is owned by Puerto Rico and you don't need a passport either. If you go to Culebra, I can guarantee you will go back again.
This is a link to Culebra

Abuse #7 04 Mar 2011, 00:24

Join Date: Aug 2010 Posts: 1 Trips: 0
You need a passport for the Bahamas - that's not a US territory. The US Virgin Islands are beautiful [particularly St. John].
At some point - perhaps already - passports will be needed to get back into the US on flights. The State Department website would have info on that.

Abuse #8 08 Mar 2011, 19:50

Join Date: Aug 2010 Posts: 3 Trips: 0
From USA you can go to the following places without a passport:
* Puerto Rico
* US Virgin Islands
* Guam
Not right:
The Bahamas is a sovereign independent nation. Political and legal traditions closely follow those of the United Kingdom and the Westminster system. The Bahamas is a parliamentary democracy with two main parties, the Free National Movement and the Progressive Liberal Party.

Abuse #9 14 Mar 2011, 23:58

Join Date: Aug 2010 Posts: 2 Trips: 0
I suggest Hawaii. Sounds safer than Puerto Rico.

Abuse #10 21 Mar 2011, 15:07

Join Date: Apr 2010 Posts: 2 Trips: 0
I think it might be news to the Bahamanian Government that they've become a U.S. territory somewhere along the way. Have you been nipping at the scotch? Bahamas is not part of the U.S., yes you do need a passport.
If you don't want to get a passport, I would suggest any of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John is particularly quiet, safe and beautiful or Puerto Rico or one of the two islands off Puerto Rico, Vieques or Culebra again quiet relatively safe and pretty or any of the Hawaiian Islands or American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands or Guam.

Abuse #11 30 Apr 2011, 10:22

Join Date: Apr 2011 Posts: 5 Trips: 0
You must required passport without passport you can"t go anywhere in US.

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Abuse #12 31 May 2011, 18:30

Join Date: May 2011 Posts: 1 Trips: 0
You can go just about anywhere in the Caribbean without a passport. Puerto Rico is great this time of yer for your beach vacation.


Abuse #13 07 Jul 2011, 12:14

Join Date: Jun 2011 Posts: 19 Trips: 0
It must have a passport to enter the U.S. if you are a citizen (not illegal immigrants are not required to have one) and the Bahamas is not a U.S. territory.

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