20 Amazing HDR Travel Images From Around the Globe

Look at the world from a new perspective – check out our selection of the most amazing HDR travel images that shed some new unique light on familiar vistas from around our globe. For some, HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures may seem unreal, but in fact they do make a great impression, though the line between reality and illusion is sometimes hard to define.


1. The glacier near the southern tip of Argentina and the edge of Chile.

  By Stuck in Customs


2. Playa de Las Canteras. Gran Canaria. Spain. 

By pcesarperez

3. Eiffel Tower. Paris. France.

Eiffel Tower. Paris. France. By Luis A. Munoz
By Luis A. Munoz

 4. Matsumoto Castle. Japan.

By EuqeniusD80

5. Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco. The USA.

By vgm8383

6. Sunset over Barcelona. Spain.


 7. Angkor Wat. Cambodia.

By Stuck in Customs

 8. Forest in Zelem, Belgium.

By fatboyke

9. Cinderella Castle Dream Lights. Disneyland.

By Joe Penniston

 10. Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy.

Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy. By mariotto52

11. Hvalneshorn. Iceland.

By omarrun

12. National History Museum, London, Great Britain.

By twocentsworth

13. Three Wise Monkeys Pub. Sydney, Australia.

By Stephan Roletto

14. Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo, Japan.

By Guwashi999

15. Sunflower field, Canada.

By Stuck in Custom

16. Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral. London. Great Britain.

Millennium Bridge and St Paul's Cathedral. By Keith Marshall

 By Keith Marshall

 17. Igreja da Penha. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

By Francisquini


18. The Gardens of Chateau de Chamarande. France.

By Baloulumix
By Baloulumix

 19. Yokohama, Japan.

By kirainet

 20. New York City at Night.

New York City at Night. By Stuck in Customs
By Stuck in Customs

The HDR technique, which combines different exposures (brightest, mid and darkest areas of the image) into one picture, is gaining more and more fans. For many, such richly colored pictures look breathtakingly beautiful, others think HDR images are too surreal and fake. And what about you? Are you pro or against it?


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  2. While these are mostly not too realistic, I still find the subject matter of all of them entertaining. Event insignificant things can look amazing when shot in HDR. Weather you like the “cartoon drawing” look or the “realistic” look, HDR photography is such an amazingly fun technique to work with and look at. I’ve also been experimenting with what I call HDR Hybrids. This is where I use the hdr image compiled of 3-9 bracketed shots and then run a couple of the original shots through lightroom with different effects and brush in parts of those in photoshop to create a little more realistic but still intriguing shot. I have some examples of these under my HDR gallery on my website. Particularly of New York City. Please check them out if you get a chance. A lot of them don’t “look” HDR but I assure you they are. Thanks again for the great article!

  3. It’s funny you say they look fake…High Dynamic Range photographs are much closer to the way the human eye sees than normal photographs. They capture a more accurate view of the way the world is than single exposure photographs that we’ve come to accept as representations. I think they reveal more than they exaggerate. Beautiful work!

  4. When will HDR mature to the point when it actually enhances a photo rather making it cartoonish? A couple of these were extremely clumsy and another couple weren’t even HDR.

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