Abu Dhabi Travel Guide

Abu Dhabi
Photo by Hussain_Quantum


Looking at Abu Dhabi futuristic architecture of cutting edge skyscrapers, glitzy limos gliding down the boulevards and swarms of shoppers having a retail therapy at enticing malls, it's extremely hard to imagine that this UAE capital was just a fishing village 50 years ago. Fuelled with petrodollars, the ongoing construction boom has changed the place beyond recognition. Abu Dhabi is often described as the richest city of the world and you can surely see the opulence here. There are some awesome projects underway like the $28 billion cultural zone of Saadiyat Island and its centerpieces, the Guggenheim and Louvre Museums, to sweep Abu Dhabi visitors and residents off their feet. To get a glimpse of the city's wealth have a ride down the Corniche, the 6-kilometer waterfront road, and marvel at the jaw-dropping cityscapes of high-rise buildings, lush gardens and gushing fountains. Enjoy some unwinding treatment on the Lulu Island, a man made recreational zone, and escape the shopping frenzy, to escalate during the March Shopping Festival, feasting under the stars with the Bedouins.