Cyprus Travel Guide

Photo by C.S. 2.0


Sail to the northern Mediterranean resorts if you take delight in balmy beaches, drift southwards for a collection of the world's best ruins, row towards the east for the touch of orient, but anchor at Cyprus if you want to have it all in a multi pack. For this rhino horn-shaped island suspended at the junction of Asian, African and European influences is a comprehensive mix of what's historical, breathtaking, mythical, and sinful.

Take Limassol, for instance. Here ruins of ancient sanctuaries neighbor medieval castles and a billion worth of yachts parked at crowded marinas while the jolly masquerading of the pagan-rooted spring carnival is followed by Shakespearean nights and the Festival of Ancient Greek Drama. Another example is Agia Napa. Once a sleepy fishing village, now the city has become a party capital Ibiza sort of style, where a Venetian-era monastery entrusted to Virgin Mary's care is located right next to the clubbing center, and thousands of orderly lined beach lounges adorn the pristine coast bathed in the Mediterranean sun.

Yet, there's much more to the island of Aphrodite than buzzing resorts, and as the modest patron is known for her unmatchable beauty, so are the secret corners of the country that few people get to discover. But don't take our word for it. Just hike and bike along the forested Akamas Peninsula, step in the UNESCO Heritage Painted Churches in the mountainous Troodos, and slalom between the ancient columns of Salamis to find pure substance in our promises of a versatile, multicultural, and memorable experience.