Dubai Travel Guide

Photo by » Zitona «


Careful, this city makes your credit cards bounce. But who cares? Who would in a shopping paradise of a myriad malls, cutting-edge VIP treatment hotels, restaurants to spoil your taste buds and nightlife that makes your head spin? And all of that just a 5-hour flight away from Europe and 3 from most of Asia. Dubai is a city of superlatives and a place where nothing is impossible. Sweeping skyscrapers, with the jaw-dropping Burj Khalifa among them, glitzy office blocks that virtually cut the sky, man-made islands of the Palm and the World and lush championship golf courses in the middle of an arid desert. And there are more to come soon. The world's largest shopping center, the Dubai Mall, and a gigantic brand new airport to fly you into the most international and outward looking of the United Arab Emirates. You name it, they build it. No end to ambitions and apparently an inborn lack of inhibitions. Amazing.