New York City Travel Guide

New York City OVERVIEW

Once a gate to the land of plenty, today a schizophrenic metropolis and a trend setter for worldwide commerce, finance, culture, fashion and entertainment, New York City is like a virus- once it breaks into your bloodstream the traces remain forever. And although it's among the most populous urban areas on Earth, there's this air of no man's land (or should we say co-possession) you feel here. Everyone finds their own niche. A Central Park jogger, a 5th Avenue hot dog seller, a Broadway actress and a Wall Street habitué- they all found their place in the world and made it home. You breathe this air as you greet the Statue of Liberty, watch the Yankees hit the base time after time, tiptoe Harlem's Studio Museum and gaze down the Empire State Building at the sky-rise panorama that may look like a concrete jungle but is limitless in exploration like the Amazon rainforest. Don't expect people to make fuss over your presence. Just make yourself at home and mind your own business.