Seoul Travel Guide

Photo by hyku


When the Tokyo-inspired frenetic consumerism knocked on the Seoul's door, they were pushed slightly ajar, and God forbid the host from opening it any wider. The insatiable need for reinvention and trend-consciousness seems to have already gotten it, but that's what the whole world apartment block is more or less likely to welcome, gladly or not. For the moment, Seoul is still perceived through the lens of tradition-bound performances, feisty festivals, folk museums granting visitors with a profound insight into Seoul's strongly Confucian past, and clusters of cherry blossom leaning over Children's Grand Park. Shrines and fortresses still play the first fiddle in the orchestra of symbolic architecture (though shiny skyscrapers band the drums with full force), ginseng and tofu still haven't given their primacy over to hamburgerization, and Buddha's birthday celebrations are still more important that those of Halloween. But for how much longer?