Turkey Travel Guide

Photo by Kıvanç Niş


Here's a handful of facts about Turkey. First of all, it is here that the role-model for the present-day Santa Clause was born (not Laponia, for God's sake!) and Julius Caesar proclaimed his "Veni, Vidi, Vici". Secondly, the audacious abduction of Helen had its far-reaching implications centered here in Troy, which inspired Homer to come up with the Ilaid. Finally, Turkey boasts two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Oh, and perhaps one more- Istanbul gives you a unique opportunity to place one foot in Asia while the other remains in Europe. That's what you call a trip!

The fact that Turkey lies at the meeting point of two continents makes the country an arena for the clash of two cultural forces- the modern West and the Islamic East, a duel ending up with a compromising draw. This dichotomy produced wonders such as Istanbul, with Levent (a glassy financial district) in one corner and The Sultan Ahmed Mosque (a legacy of Ottoman Empire) in another. Explore magnificent ruins in Ephesus, watch brightly colored Dervishes whirling in their spiritual cleansing ritual, take a pic of the Trojan Horse replica, and when you're feeling drained from an overload of sensations, recharge your batteries at the Turquoise Coast.

Last but not least, Turks have the reputation for being extremely hospitable, so when you wine and dine with your Turkish business partners, they will in all likelihood insist on covering the bill. And for your information, they claim one of the tastiest cuisines in the world, with manti, baklava, and a whopping array of kebabs as prime delicacies. Top off you meal with a cup of traditional coffee, nibble at a couple of pistachio grains and have your fortune told from the grounds. That's Turkey, in all its glory.