Animal Lovers, Check Out These Hotels!

Some hotelsare happy to welcome you with your pet, others take pride in their own team offour-legged ambassadors that wander through the premises, peep into yourbedroom or even take a bite of your breakfast. Here are some of the most cat’smeow examples of the latter.

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

Giraffe Manor

With 140acres of its own park and indigenous forest thirty minutes from downtownNairobi, the Giraffe Manor makes for a unique stay in the wilderness on thedoorstep of a truly cosmopolitan capital. The building itself is an elegant,personally hosted hotel, reminiscent of the early days of Europeans in EastAfrica, and while it clearly resonates with the past, the herd of eight residentRothschild giraffes accompanying guests at breakfasts is an incrediblyprogressive concept!

Giraffe Manor

Engholm Husky Lodge, Karasjok, Norway


Engholm's Husky design Lodge

Karasjok mayhave recorded the coldest official temperature ever in Norway, but, whateverthe season,  at Engholm’s you will melt with love and awe. It onlytakes a glance at the fluffy pups cuddling or the occasional sight of AuroraBorealis. Plus there’s the warm hospitality of the staff, who have gone togreat lengths to create a personal atmosphere in each of the log houses and offeran exhilarating program of cross-country skiing, sleddog tours, snow shoeing, Northern Light safaris, salmon fishing, canoing and what not else.   

Engholm's Husky design Lodge

Hotel Capitan Suizo, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Hotel Capitan Suizo


Excellent rooms,thatched roof bungalows,  an open airrestaurant and an idyllic, curvaceous pool are all secondary attractions at CapitanSuizo. Located directly on the beach and nestled in lush greenery, the hotel getsa daily share of visits by a variety of animals that tiptoe through the gardenor curiously observe guests from tree branches. Birds, howler monkeys, geckos,armadillos, squirrels, gray iguanas and raccoons can be seen here on a regularbasis.

Hotel Capitan Suizo

Elephant Camp, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Elephant Camp

The grandness of the place is simply beyond words. On the one hand, the fabulous tented suites with private decks and plunge pools offer comforts of a most sophisticated hotel, on the other, the solitary wilderness around, with the “smoke” of the astounding Victoria Falls within view, makes you feel you are witnessing the dawn of history. Located in its own private game reserve, the camp allows close-up encounters with wildlife, including interactions with elephants and a walk with Sylvester the cheetah.

The Elephant Camp

The Algonquin Hotel, New York City, USA

Algonquin Hotel

When a rather miserable catstrayed into the hotel in the late 1930s, the owner welcomed the unexpected guestwith arms wide open, and a tradition was born. The current furry resident, Matilda,eagerly assists at check-ins and is a true celebrity, with private e-mail box and sumptuous parties thrown to celebrate her birthdays. So popular is this cutefeline hotelier that when her collar was stolen at one point, the news of the Algonquin Cat-Burglary buzzed around townfor days.


Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, Kleefeld, Canada

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge is a relatively new addition to the thrilling adventure packages offered by Churchill Wild, the only company in the world that owns and operates remote fly-in polar bear eco-lodges in the Arctic. It is beautifully set on the Hudson Bay coast and guarantees all comforts and facilities a bear watching enthusiast may need (though it’s really hard to say who’s the watcher and who’s being watched). The biggest bonus here is the world’s highest concentration  of mothers and cubs, which tend to come up real close to the fence and frolic right next to your window.

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

Nature Observatorio Manzanillo, Costa Rica

Nature Observatorio Manzanillo

Ever dreamed of playing Tarzan and Jane withoutmuch sacrifice of comfort? Here in the canopy of the rain forest, 25 metersfrom the ground, with a comfortable bedroom and a 360° viewing platform at yourexclusive disposal, you’ll be closer to nature than ever before! Wake up to theroar of Howler Monkeys, lend an ear to the chatter of parrots, trackbutterflies… engage all your senses in this fabulous tropical performance and get in tune with the Earth. This immenselyeco-friendly project is a real marvel – not a single nail has harmed the tree,rain water is used in the bathroom and solar energy provides electricity forall home appliances.

Nature Observatorio Manzanillo

Fairmont Hotelsand Resorts

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

As warm hospitality and thoughtfulness are at the heart of Fairmont’s approach, select hotels in the group offer a unique service with their super friendly Canine Ambassadors ready to make you feel truly at home. Guests missing their own pets or wanting some extra security while on a walk can bring along a furry resident, and if the two get on well, they may actually stay in touch via email or on Facebook!



The Algonquin Cat


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