Bachelor? A Concise Vacation Guide To Big Boy Kinda Fun

When you’re single, there’s somethingmissing alright. When you’re in a relationship, the whole world ismissing YOU, and the moment another fight over crumbs in the toasterbreaks out, you realize that playing solo was far more fun. That’s ofcourse a temporary state of mind, and sooner or later, the need for“possession” takes over. But what if you’re single and can’thelp it? Well, the first thing to do is to be persistent and keeplooking; the second – have a holiday that will make your mind race andyour buddies turn green with envy.


10. Belgrade, Serbia

Electronic music capital. By shojke


Don’t make such big eyes. Since a survey by Lonely Planet dubbed it the world’s party hub, Serbia‘s capital city has become a prime location on the traveling radars of those who long for exuberant fun underpinned with respectable cultural legacy. Visitors say the city’s electronic music scene is unparalleled and the Skadarlija district really rocks with its old bohemian ambiance and quaint bars. Music blasts from virtually everywhere, be it barges spread along the Sava and Danube River or the basement of the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering, where the famed KST alternative club is located. If partying makes your world go round, head to Belgrade. The lack of restrictive night life regulations means that nearly everything is possible.


9. Montreal, Canada

Touching kindly welcome. By Jazmin Million


Montreal is a place where the dirtiest fantasies come true, and it’s not even about the number of rub-and-tugs and strip clubs around. The thing is that the Canadian Supreme Court passed a law that made lap dancing with full touching and contact absolutely legal and, in practice, much welcome, with Grand Prix or Chez Diane held as the most liberal clubs in the city. So, if you really need to go further than just watching, Montreal is a very “hands-on” kind of place.


8. Cairo, Egypt                                              

Light my fire
Light my fire. By khandiru


No, it’s not the pyramids that makes Cairo a bachelor paradise. Nor the camels. Egypt‘s capital city hosts the best belly-dancing spectacles, and believe it or not, a professional show is unlike anything else on earth. When the French occupied Cairo, one of Napoleon’s generals called the art “a gross and indecent expression of sensual intoxication”, and much as he was exaggerating the obscenity, don’t be surprised if the impassioned hip action turns you on in no time. Dina, Fifi Abdu and Lucy pass as the most stupendous performers in the city and their shows are really worth splurging on (the artists only appear in 5 star hotels).


7. Las Vegas, USA                                         


Las Vegas by Old Shoe Woman
Las Vegas by Old Shoe Woman




The Sin City doesn’t need much advertising. Nights out on the Strip, drinks pouring to no end, scantily-clad girls pole dancing next to gambling tables, and hotels that don’t falls short of even the weirdest expectations – that’s Las Vegas in all its glory. Just be careful not to wake up with a ring on your finger. Getting wedded by Elvis is helluva fun, but is the one lying next to you worth breaking with the bachelor status?


6. South Beach, Miami, USA

Bienvenido a Miami. By Ace Starry


Guess what location Cosmopolitan Magazine picked when trying to break the Guinness World Record for the largest swimsuit photo shoot in history. If you’ve ever watched South Beach, you already know the neighborhood brings out the best of Miami, and although the TV series turned to be a total flop, the fact remains that South Florida is called the Skin Belt. Reasons? Just go to the beach and the amazingly shaped, bikini-clad goddesses sipping Mojitos will suffice for an answer. Why they’re so luscious, we don’t know. Be it access to the world’s top-rated surgeons or the South American influx, the women here are HOT, and nobody’s surprised that year after year, South Beach makes it to the top of world’s sexiest beaches list.


5. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Red Light District. By Marcel Germain


It’s just got to be on the list, hands down. Liberal like the Netherlands’ policy towards homosexuality, promiscuous like the Red Light District, laid-back like the cannabis coffee shops, and small enough to navigate on foot (guess you don’t want to be able to drive on your bachelor holiday) – the city is a place to be if you really want to go bad and have nobody making big fuss about that. Period.


4. Jamaica, the Caribbean

Dancehall Queen. By unikdesign75


Luscious, palm-fringed beaches, the Rastafarian vibe, and chocolate-shaped bodies are all Jamaican hallmarks ready to give you a holiday of a lifetime. But the thing that makes the island a particularly male-oriented destination is a form of dancing that ha
s sprung from a less politically-centered variant of reggae as practice, for instance, by Sean Paul or Shaggy. All forms of wriggling, hip moving, and bum shaking make dancehall a really sexy form of expression that’s able to melt ice. Just check out Shisha, the Dancehall Queen, and imagine things like that are commonplace in clubs here. Just ask those in the know to tell you where.



3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Samba frenzy. By


Even if Brazilian women are runner-ups, after Venezuelans, in the world’s beauty rankings, they certainly have a lot more opportunities to sport their unbelievable shapes, let alone that half of the angels in Caracas had nature tampered with by plastic surgeons. In Rio, thrilling beauty doesn’t have to be looked for as it literally comes right across your way: in the bikini fashions of Copacabana, in the passion-inspired cheering at the Maracana Stadium, in celebrity-frequented clubs (Baronneti, Hideaway, and Catwalk, to name just a few), and above all, in the samba-infused carnival festivities that dazzle with color, deafen with music, intoxicate with alcohol, and put at ease with the absolute lack of restraints. When the streets fill with scarcely-clad dancers, nobody makes a big deal about your hand accidentally landing on their perfectly curved…body part.


2. Cancun, Mexico

May tequila be with you! By littleperksy


Those lucky to have gotten a taste of it claim Cancun‘s nightlife is second to none. Mexican food that fires your taste buds, girls swinging from the ceilings, dancing hands-on-her-hips in a conga line, and above all, tequila flowing like water. Tumble out of Carlos and Charlie’s, Coco Bongo, or the clubs at Yaxchilan Avenue at some wee hours in the morning straight onto a beach for a short nap under a palm tree – the beaches in Cancun are nothing short of dreamlike. When you’re up and ready, have an invigorating swim followed by a light breakfast of fruit at a thatched bar, and start planning for another night of revelry. In Cancun, life is all about partying and not giving a hangover time to strike. Oh, have we mentioned the Mexican voluptuous curvature?


1. Phuket, Thailand

Not an ordinary massage
Not an ordinary massage. By Wyndham Jaco Beach, Costa Rica


Put two most liberating things on earth together, sex and traveling, and what you get is a phenomenon of “sex tourism“, defined by WTO as “trips organized from within the tourism sector, or from outside this sector but using its structures and networks, with the primary purpose of effecting a commercial sexual relationship by the tourist with residents at the destination”.

In practice, the idea can range from just going to a different country in pursuit of pleasures that your country deems illegal, to all-inclusive holiday packages, the best of which are apparently to be enjoyed in Phuket, Thailand‘s picturesque island with a flourishing sex business. Just remember that you potentially support the industry that sexually abuses children. You certainly don’t want to contribute to that, do you? So just get a sensual Thai massage and find out it can be an equally thrilling experience.


A word of advice

Everything is for people, and it’s only our common sense that controls how far we can go in our pursuit of pleasures. Always make sure everyone in the party is of legal age, stay safe, and…have good-quality fun.


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